Gaming Wheel

With this being a great year for driving games, I’m pondering on getting a driving wheel but I’m uncertain, there are so many options and choices out there. I want a wheel with force feedback of course and I’m not trying to break the bank by getting a $1000 set up; I just want a good wheel with feedback and feel.

Preferably, a while that works both for Xbox and PlayStation if possible. I want to use the wheel for Forza Motorsport and GT:7. If it’s no longer possible to get one that works on both consoles, then I would have to push for an Xbox one!

Any suggestions?


I’m interested in the same situation as well for Forza Motorsport

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i think this will be expensive. Iirc all wheels from Logitech or Thrustmaster dont work on both. Only Fanatec does, there you need a base for PS combined a wheel for Xbox.

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That’s sort of depressing to hear, but I do hear the Fanatec wheels are pretty good. I don’t want to break the bank but I don’t want a cheap wheel either.

Yeah Fanatec wheels are good. I never had an issue with my Porsche wheel for the 360.

There may be other options but i have no experience with this product and dont know if there will be problems or lag:


Speaking of gaming wheels I just purchased And wheel adapter

I’m a sucker for gaming accessories lol

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I thought about it but decided not to because I eventually want an actual wheel and don’t need another controller. Almost picked up the hori overdrive at BJ’s but I don’t really have a good place to set it up

Well I definitely recommend the Hori Wheel. Awesome functionality because it works on every game. EVERY game.

Avoid the Thrustmaster Ferrari Wheel if possible… looks awesome, feels great, but broke after just a couple of months.

Nothing like using a wheel to cruise around Grand Theft Auto. That said, I’m an old school Dreamcast / arcade gamer. I like these accessories for the “fun” factor, I don’t think they will make you better at games or anything like that. In my experience the opposite is true. Fighting Sticks and wheels always make the game harder than simply using a controller. …I just find them fun and nostalgic from time to time.


I actually did pick up one of those discounted arcade sticks from woot to see what it’s like for stuff like hades, I feel like I took a couple of months off my elite from all the button smashing in that game. I actually picked up one of the adaptive controllers to mess around with as well but still need to get a set of Logitech buttons for it.

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I have wheels from the older generation including that Fanatec Porsche wheel, and a week ago I just realized that I could probably hook it up to my PC and play the PC versions of all the most recent Forza games including the Horizon titles. Which is great! Play Anywhere is pretty freaking awesome.

I mean ideally it would work on my Series consoles but I should probably save up for a new wheel anyways. Though I have the Clubsport pedals and so it’s no slouch either.


Just played this setup for the first time and it’s awesome :sunglasses: Highly recommend Dreamcast/ Arcade gamers pick this up. I can’t wait to finally play Xbox versions of Arkanoid, Centipede, and Pong the way they were intended.

I know you can’t get the Logitech wheels to work with both, but I would recommend picking up the G920/G29 refurbished (way cheaper!). It’s for or less the same except for a bad force feedback addon (Recommended to turn off anyway)

Currently, in the UK I could get 2 refurbished G920/G29 for the same price as the G923. I know having both sucks but that could be a solution that isn’t super overpriced!

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