Gaming recommendation thread!

Its possible the gamepass thread could already serve the needs of this kind of thread but I kinda wanted a specific recommendation and perhaps, I hope, Others might too and a single recommendation thread maybe of some help.

For example I know we have one or two members with kids, I enjoy playing with my daughter and have been playing and enjoying Minecraft Dungeons, Astrobot and Sackboy together. Now I am finally ready to eBay my PS5 I feel bad that she will lose the latter two so my question is…

The Lego games occurred to me as possible a fun alternative we could play 2 player that she may like, is there a definitive “good” Lego game anyone can recommend or one which is “good enough” and on Gamepass?

I don’t mind paying for it if it comes to that, but something we can play together would be ace, in fact doesn’t even have to be Lego, I just figured from what I had seen its colourful and with lots of unlocks or “costumes”.


The Lego games are perfect for playing couch co-op with the kids. The Star Wars & Harry Potter titles are the best Lego games, in my opinion. I had countless hours of fun playing them with my son when he was wee.

The one we played the most was definitely Lego Star Wars 3: The Clone Wars. It’s actually a big game with a decent length story mode, loads of characters & ships to unlock, small scale base building stuff in some of the levels & loads of free play options. I’d highly recommend that one!

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People need to play Judgment IMO. Especially those who enjoyed any of the Yakuza games. The story and characters are amazing and it looks pretty good on Series X.

I’ve become a fan now and I cannot wait for the sequel!


I gave her the choice which was my error (except HP, as frankly I don’t allow the Wizard Women in the house :slight_smile: ). In the end she chose Lego Marvel Super heroes, as she loves Spider-Man. It was only 7.99 in the current sale so its worth a try, shall keep Star Wars in mind, as I would fancy that a touch more TBH especially if they have Boushh in it, I loved my Leia Boushh firgure when I was little.

Thanks Steve.

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Sea of Thieves :slight_smile:

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I’ve been playing Lego Marvel Superheroes coop with the 5 year old and it was great fun. Its not on game pass but think its on sale at the moment. I’d recommend going for the xbox one era lego games over the 360 ones as they support dynamic split screen (especially with younger kids) which allows them to go where they want without the frustrations of invisible walls due to having to share the screen the whole time.

Was checking playtime recently and was surprised we’d clocked up 60 hours nearly (over a year of lockdown granted)

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Awesome! thats the one she picked in the end. I gave her the choices Steve mentioned and she saw Spider-Man and was sold.

Thanks! :slight_smile:

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You can’t go wrong with any LEGO game tbh. They are my guilty pleasure :wink:

I am hoping it fills the future void of Sackboy without her noticing.

Fingers crossed! The Marvel ones are great, and so is the Batman/DC ones. Also the LEGO the Movie games!

I look forward to the new Star Wars game, Skywalkers Saga. I think that will be the best one yet.

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Lego games are an evergreen choice.

Are you planning to move to Minecraft-ing together?

She has tried it, and kinda likes it but prefers drawing and building IRL than being creative in the game. Perhaps in time.

I had that on pre-order as soon as it was announced, then had to cancel so I could pre-order the one with the minifig instead :grin:

Cause my house totally needs more Lego people in it. Not.


There’s one with a mini-figure? Whaaat. I need that.

Also, I’m totally not one of those grown ups with big ass LEGO AT-AT’s and Millenium Falcons in the gaming room. Nope not at all.


Yeah the deluxe one (w/ season pass) comes with Luke holding a blue milk carton :smiley: Also if you happen to be in US & go to best buy - get a Han Solo in carbonite steelbook.


Awesome! Thanks for the tips

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Okay so I’m looking for some suggestions. I absolutely loved Slay the Spire and Monster Train, anyone have some thoughts on another title with some similarities that I might enjoy?

I’m here just to say, play this. One of the best story telling games by far


Hello I am looking for games for my partner. I am looking for something casual but engaging. She is a hardcore non gamer.

She plays solitaire on facebook, it is like a race against some random contender. So she seems to like something simple but also online, with competition.

My first choice was very good, it was amazing seeing her holding the controller and big grin on her face! I chose Fall Guys, on steam.

What else could I try? It would be good if there was something not too stressing, fallguys is stressing I tried her to play overcooked but she didnt want to play.

She does not want any nerdy stuff either. I guess that the nerdier it looks, the more complex it seems to her. She never wanted to try heartstone for this reason.

She loves sports. If there was a 2 button version of FIFA I bet she would love it. She also liked skating long long long ago. I mean she could be the nanny of a few of you lol.


Honestly I’ve enjoyed watching my daughter play unpacking. It’s such a cool and relaxing game.