Gaming Deals Thread

This is really solid deal! It includes the expansion pass.

Sleeping Dogs Definitive Edition is also less than $5.


There is a Capcom sale on steam right now. How is Dragon’s Dogma: Dark Arisen? It’s 70% off.

I feel it’s pretty dated and clunky. Some people really like that stuff. I was kind of bored. Weak story, lame mission design, etc.

The story and side content was weak, but people tend to like its gameplay. Lots of options and great spell effects

A Short Hike is $5.59 if you want a really chill game to play.

FAR: Lone Sails is $2.99. It’s sequel, FAR: Changing Tides is on Game Pass.

The last few years the Xbox Spring Sale usually starts in late March/early April, so that’s something to look out for too.


Thanks for the heads-up on this one. After checking out the review of FAR: Changing Tides I was curious to play the first one, and at only $3 there’s now no reason not to satisfy that curiosity.

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For PC gamers, there is a big GOG sale right now.

So Sacred 2: Fallen Angel (The 360 game) is free for everyone (MS/Xbox store). It’s an isometric RPG that was decently popular. No risk to check it out here.


Bought the DMC HD trilogy. DMC3 is still a friggin masterpiece of a game. Wish Capcom would remake it.

We should get an official announcement tomorrow, but deals are already starting to go up. If there’s a specific game you’re looking for you could check XB Deals or a similar site.

Sale seems to end on April 22nd. (2 weeks)


Is there anywhere to see Game Pass games by publisher? I’m thinking about picking up Kaze and the Wild Masks, but don’t want to if it’s likely to end up on Game Pass.

Not to my knowledge, but maybe one of the 3rd party Game Pass browsers from this thread has that filter.

Took a look and none of them seem to. Might have to just manually check each of there games.

Man, just imagine the hours upon hours of enjoyment one could have playing RDR 2, Skyrim, and Witcher 3 for the first time

Im legit jealous of anyone who could in 2022



I won’t buy anything yet because there could be a MS Rewards punchcard

(Hard West Ultimate Edition for $1.99 (Xbox Store and PS Store too) It’s a SRPG like XCOM but set in a Sci-Fi/Horror Wild West.)

So on sale again for $2 (not to be confused with Weird West).

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It’s an old one but I saw Sid Meier’s Pirates! on sale for $2.49. It was one I was waiting on personally. Im not sure if it’s ever been on sale actually, a lot of the sites that track sales only go as far back as August 2020 for this game specifically, and this is the only time it’s been on sale since then.

I also saw the standard edition of The King of Fighters XV for $40.19. It’s kinda pricey since it’s still fairly new but this is the cheapest it’s been so far digitally.

Posted this in the Gaming thread too.

All in the Xbox store(console/site)

9 Monkeys of Shaolin for 4 euros, fun beat em up game that also had/has a demo.

The other is first-person physics-based puzzle game called Relicta. UE4 and looks really good. Also 4 bucks.

Rise of the Tomb Raider 20th is only 6 euros. Man, if anyone doesn’t have that game or ever played it…what a steal.

Valley is only 3 euros. Sadly not X enhanced.

I think I’m gonna buy Relicta, it looks very good and going by reviews it seems worth it. Might grab 9 Monkeys too for when I have my nephews over again.

The sale lasts until June 24th.

Red Faction Guerrilla Re-Mars-tered is $3.

Dragon’s Dogma: Dark Arisen is $4.49.

The Season Pass for Assassin’s Creed Origins is $12. The game is currently on Game Pass.

Just as a reminder if you haven’t picked it up yet, there’s an Ultimate Perk for Assassin’s Creed Origins that includes an outfit, two legendary weapons, a legendary shield, and a mount skin along with the naval mission, Ambush at Sea.