Gamescom Opening Night Live 2020 |OT| Lose the Shirt, Lose the Pants, Lose Your Mind (Over, summary in OP)

I find it interesting that they don’t list Sony or Insomniac, but say R&C will be there

Why is that a dreamworld? MS wants to beat Sony, don’t they?

These are two different things. ONL is just a show put together by Keighley in cooperation with Gamescom. Gamescom themselves are holding all kinds of panels and showcases.

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Lol jesus.

Let’s not do this. This is the kind of discourse that’s unneccesary.

Hadn’t heard about Spellbreak in a while. It’s that spell-based Battle Royale, right? Looked good a while ago.

Also excited to learn more about Lego Star Wars: The Skywalker Saga, as that one seems a bit different from past Lego games, going open-world and having literally the entire Skywalker saga as story.

I know it made the press rounds yesterday, but I’d love to see more Outriders.

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Microsoft will not show Fable gameplay at Gamescom. 1) they’ll show a CGI trailer or cinematic trailer first 2) Gamescom isn’t the biggest event of the year

I’m fairly sure they are gonna focus on content for the next 3-4 months tomorrow. Game Pass advertisement, Destiny 2 Game Pass highlight, Wasteland 3 launch trailer and Age of Empires 3. I’d be surprised if we get something more substantial.

Its the biggest game conference in the world and their last chance to generate buzz about the console they’re launching. If you’re right and they talk about stuff we can already play or already know about, man. I don’t know.

A Game Pass advertisement doesn’t mean it’s stuff we already know about or can already play. And I agree with you that this could be a moment where Microsoft makes a new marketing push for XSX. I just don’t know how they’d do that, as their launch line-up is kinda… eh.

Well, they can still show you the benefits to upgrading. Like I said, here’s gears 5 running at 4k 60 with RT.

Here’s the X version of big games coming out.

But they just don’t seem interested in selling consoles, in lieu of getting people subbed to gamepass. But the amount of platforms that support xcloud has shrunk.

So I really don’t understand their gameplan.

100% agreed.


Oh, fully agree. Not sure Gamescom is the place to do this, but they haven’t been marketing or selling their console well these past few weeks.

Show us the upgrades for SoT, Gears 5 and FH4. But hey, we’re still waiting for that Series S/price/release date event (or whatever it’s going to be). The clock is ticking though.

I dislike that guy… And always avoid his shows


Looking forward to seeing more Chorus. Hoping that there’s on foot third person combat even though I doubt it.

Me personally I’m just done with all of it. I’m not wasting my time watching anymore events. I’m tired of the fake rumors the real rumors the media the back n forth everything! Just announce the consoles price and release date so I can buy the systems and be done with it.


7pm UK time, for those curious.

Feels this may be a big event for Sony, R and C, as well as the whole runours that FF16 and Silent Hill that were supposed to be announced in June.

Hope to see some Xbox surprises, but i cant think what. Maybe hellblade gameplay if we re lucky

Looking forward to it!!