Gamescom 2021 Xbox Stream officialy announced

My random guess is the 2nd week of December.

oh god I can see people already posting “Microsoft is silencing 343 staff so they won’t talk about Halo, is the game in bigger trouble than we think?”

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youtube drunk af rn

omg did they really just do this, I’m not even going to look at the tweets :joy:

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Google: Expecting some Halo gameplay and release date at Xbox Gamescom


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Friendly suggestion that we the community does self moderation and control where Halo is discussed in the Halo OT :

My only issue with today’s show is purely pacing and bizarre focuses on innocuous things (trebuchet) while things that are actually interesting, for a presentation like this (The Gunk), got minimal screen time. Or weird choices like talking to the Asobo guy for 15 minutes, then the trailer they show is 15 seconds long and didn’t really show anything.

Its hard to articulate without sounding like the content is the problem when its purely presentation based. It should have been 45 minutes long at a brisk pace and it would have played much better.


The Gunk really could have used that extended look and dev talk yes.

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Agree with this

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highlight of the goddamn show, can’t believe I’m moderate to highly hyped about everything in this. Playing Midnight Fight Express, Signalis, Bushiden, Unsighted day 1.

Next Space Rebels gave me some mad “Backyard Science” vibes.

Plus the music choice for this trailer is top notch.


Look I like to love most of you…

But some of y’all need to chill.

The concern and doomposting about Halo is reaching post E32020 levels.

Psychonauts 2 launches in GamePass like in a few hours. Just chill and play that.



I dont think we are seeing Compulsion games until next year lol.

Agreed, because that’s probably still quite far off. It should be Avowed at TGA. With that MS shows the future of XSX, a current gen only game and also that they are willing to show something that is a 2023 release. If Obsidian had never said anything I wouldn’t have expected it this year. TGA is a perfect opportunity, but we shall see.

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I think the show on the whole was pretty good. I will admit, not everything was for me. Can’t say learning about Trebeuchets and Plane Models are really my thing. But I liked the hosts, a lot of what was shown I think some of which are really underplayed even here (Game Streaming on console! Another Publisher joins the Game Pass Day 1 Funky Bunch!) and of course, Forza was absolutely stunning. To the extent I think anything was wrong, I do feel they maybe shouldn’t have advertised the show as much as they did (more than E3 here in Canada for example), I think they should have better communicated that Forza was part of the show beforehand, and I think if you are gonna spend this type of money, you probably shouldn’t give exclusivity to ONL for content (if Halo and/or another game is coming, do like Gamescom 2019 or this year with Age and split the stuff in two). All in all, if you view this in the context of E3 2 or XO Summer, yeah, it’s probably disappointing. If you view this for what it is, an Inside Xbox Gamescom like they’ve had every year since 2017 barring 2020, it’s probably the best to date.

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Gamescom thread for games shown at the show please, Halo thread for Halo discussion


Cool indies. I don’t know why some people were expecting another E3.



hmmm not all of content for 1h show, i assume there was a lot of talk ?

Klob always here to save the day. Litteraly.

Usual suspects even among journalists don’t skip a beat when it’s time to bash on Xbox, huh? And when tomorrow Halo will be shown (it wasn’t nominated for Gamescom awards for the sake of it), what they will say? Consistency is really a lost art.