GamesBeat: Xbox is working with Finnish developer Mainframe on a cloud-native MMO

Finnish studio Mainframe is working on a cloud-native massively multiplayer online adventure for Xbox Game Studios. That’s according to reporter Jez Corden on The Xbox Two podcast, and it’s something that I’ve separately confirmed through independent sources. Mainframe’s game goes by the working title Pax Dei, and it’s something that people on the Xbox team are excited about for multiple reasons.

Cloud-native here means that players can access the same game through any device. The studio is also exploring potential gameplay mechanics that can only work in a game that exists primarily on a remote server.


The race of the leaks is on between Jez and Jeff.

No wonder, Jez had a meaty article on Avowed.

Pax Dei is such a cool name.


It sure seems like it. I want a leak for what The Coalition and Roundhouse are up to haha

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lost interest on the MMO bit.

Xbox’s code names are always great, watch the actual name at release be some boring thing like “Massive cloud Game” or some shit. :joy:

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It might not be our crowd here on the forum, but there is a large base for MMOs. TNW and FFXIV are proof of that.

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Is this a published Xbox game or timed exclusive ? It’s interesting that they have an investment from Riot Games.

Investment actually means nothing unless you have substantial equity like how Tencent does.

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I am hoping this is a first party published game.


Gaming media is like, “will MS announce Pax Dei at this E3?”. Fans will be like, “Pax Dei is easily my most anticipated title!”.

Unlocked Podcast: “Pax Dei sounds like it’ll be awesome.” ColtEastwood: “Pax Dei might be MS’s biggest game yet.” Xbox Era podcast: “Pax Dei will be shown at E3.”

Microsoft during E3: “We’re proud to confirm an exciting new project from Finnish developers Mainframe…Cloud-Town!”


LMFAOOOOOOO man, I can picture the whole thing in my head :joy: :sob:

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:laughing: lol

But hope they retain the recent streak - Contraband and Redfall do sound cool.

IMO Project Omen sounded a lot more intriguing than Redfall. Tbh the game itself many had a completely different idea about what it was prior to announcement too lol.

But Contraband certainly does fit nicely. However it’d have been catchier to have something more unique like “Ketok Magic” that’s in the trailer, the concept of which is super cool and unique to Indonesian culture too.

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Is Omen taken? Should have been a nice fit and still sound badass. But that is just me associating it with the horror movie memories of Omen.

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No idea if it’s taken. But yeah, I think “Omen” would fit a more mysterious, eerie rendition of a Vampire game (which is what I actually imagined the game would be like tbh), whereas it actually seems a lot quirkier in tone and “zoomer humor” infused lol.

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Zoomer is a word. I had forgotten that.

Boomer, Gen X, Y, Millennial, Zoomer.

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forgot zoomer is a word? Must be a boomer then! :grimacing: :rofl:

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Report: PaxDei is an upcoming cloud-first MMO for Xbox, built in partnership with Mainframe Industries.

Details: #Xbox

— Jez (@JezCorden) October 22, 2021

Jez gets in on the act as well.


‘Fight to the death’ on the leaks going on between Jez and Jeff, now. LOL