GamesBeat: Xbox is working with Finnish developer Mainframe on a cloud-native MMO

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PaxDei is trademarked in EU, apparently. Does not look like that is a project code name. Thr code name is probably ‘Mainframe’.

Courtesy: Jez’s report



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I hope they do all sorts of crazy shit with this, would love a massive MMO that can have millions of players on single instanced worlds that are the size of something like Flight Sim, I know that’s a bit farfetched but with cloud compute shit like that in the future will be possible and whoever does it first will hit the jackpot, it’ll be like making a new Minecraft or Fortnite big.

my only worry is because this is gonna be cloud only, it’s already off to a depressing start for those of us in countries where xcloud is yet nowhere in sight, and that’s before it even gets good in these regions.

keep a lookout for Azure updates in either Mumbai, Pune, Chennai or Hyderabad. It will happen someday. I hope they are open to keeping PC based units in the cloud too, rather than only Series X based blades.

Will allow them to grow faster. But even then, AMD chips are in shortage too.

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Sounds like this game is still pretty early, hopefully cloud will be pretty well distributed by the time it’s out.

It isn’t gonna be cloud only. Cloud-native means stuff like MFS, Crackdown 3 (lol) where the power and capabilities of a connected network are used in the game’s design. It will be 100% always online but it will be a native game on console and PC, since xCloud itself is dependant on the console anyway.

“The Promise of Cloud-Native Gaming” The Promise of Cloud-Native Gaming

“Riffs by Raph: What does Cloud-Native even mean? | Playable Worlds” Riffs by Raph: What does Cloud-Native even mean? | Playable Worlds

We don’t know that, actually.

Consider MSFS - that is a game BEST played on the cloud, right now. As you will not have the processing capacity of a 3090 for a while. So, asset compute if done on the cloud would mean that you only have to worry about streaming - which is the easier part.

For gamepass to succeed, it will have eventually get beyond the hump of regaining customers across generations as is the case with a hardware cycle. This can only happen if a lot of the games start being on the cloud from the get-go.

Nice to see my fellow countrymen making more games, especially ambitious AAA. Remedy are the only dev here at the moment, that I consider a true AAA studio.

Thats not what Cloud Native means

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Yeah I dont want to be forced to stream games

Forced internet connections? Sure but my internet is nowhere near good enough for this streaming shit

Housemarque too, I think they’re one of the oldest studios in the country and now among the two biggest AAA studios from there. Sure they haven’t been AAA for the majority of their period, but now they will be, perhaps get even more money from Sony than Remedy might be getting on their games.

Still got a few years for infrastructure to catch up I’d guess.

Cant wait for gamer reactions to a forced streaming MMO where they find out their mega gaming pc’s and series x’s are useless and now fully dependant on a decent internet connection instead, that will go over well im sure

If being cloud native doesn’t come with obvious benefits then it deserves to go over poorly. We’ll have to wait and see how exactly they can leverage it I guess.

People here are currently considering Remedy as the face of AAA gaming, but Housemarque will surely grow and get more recognition now that Sony bought them.

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Housemarque got like a decade to catch up to Remedy lol.


I’m waiting for the actual announcement before making any kind of judgement, cloud native is so vague…anyway if it’s something similar to Flight Sim, which needs the cloud for its gargantuan scope, I’m in for it.

To be clear no one knows what cloud-native means so far but we see some examples I mentioned where cloud is used to augment aspects local hardware can’t do.