Games you’re holding to play on next gen

I’ll probably go back to Doom Eternal on Series X when the DLC drops.

I want to wait for full Cyberpunk enhancements but I don’t think I’ll be able to.

Dirt 5 for the 120 FPS and more Forza Horizon 4.

I was planning to play it soon having heard @Sikamikanico waxing lyrically about it and I loved the first game. However there is loads of other stuff I have that I can play now and wait for the uber series X version to guarantee the best experience possible.


Control, Jedi Fallen Order, Ori sequel, FFVIIR next year, etc …

There is a LOT, because I still have a 1S which doesn’t play anything new very well

Well, I’ve been playing vampyr and mutant but, loading times when reloading your save file are terrible, nearly like a minute and you die pretty quickly. So, I continue those on next gen.

The list is infinite for me but the most prominent games are:

  • Cyperpunk 2077
  • AC Odyssey
  • Ori and the Will of the Wisps
  • Gears Tactics and many more …

Recore? Is that game being enhanced on the Series X?

No, but running it on that SSD will improve load times a lot

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I have bought the game already, but they just announced a free version on Series X, so it would be Doom Eternal for me. Sea of Thieves too, especially if it could be 60 FPS.

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Not intentionally, but theres plenty current gen that I’ve still yet to play.

Once I wrap up Ghost of Tsushima, my current generation (PS4/XB1/Switch) gaming list will conclude with the following -

  1. Desperados III (next up after Tsushima)
  2. Wasteland 3
  3. Remnant: From the Ashes - Subject 2923 expansion
  4. The Division 2 - Season Two content
  5. Mafia Remake (will literally end the gen for me)

Next Generation wise, Xbox Series X will be my primary gaming console which includes console exclusives, timed exclusives and multi-platform games including those that are cross-gen titles. Every game that has a cross-gen release or upgrade confirmation is on my list below. There’s only two games that release before November that I could play on PS4 but won’t. Those two games are The Avengers and Watch Dogs Legion. My overall cross-gen list below -

  1. Assassin’s Creed Valhalla
  2. Crossfire X (campaign)
  3. Cyberpunk 2077
  4. Gears Tactics (console)
  5. Halo Infinite
  6. Ori and the Will of the Wisps
  7. Outriders
  8. Second Extinction
  9. The Ascent
  10. The Avengers
  11. Watch Dogs Legion

If only that would also improve that final tower section :wink: I got to that point, saw how many of the cores they wanted me to get for the final section and just decided to watch the ending on YouTube. I liked the game otherwise for what it was.

I’ve been putting off Gears 5 campaign for Series X. I played Horde a bit but I couldn’t get my friends into the game so it was pretty short lived :frowning:

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That happened with my friend group too. If you like gears, you’ll like 5’s story. I thought it was a pretty great game.

A lot of 360 games for enhanced versions cause I have base Xbox One and Control.

Loads, but chief amongst them, Deus Ex: MD and Watchdogs 2.

I want to play cyberpunk so bad but Im thinking of holding for the x series. Fingers crossed I actually can.

Control, Cyberpunk, Avengers and I’m hoping that the Kingdom of Amalur and Tony Hawk remasters get next gen ports.

Pretty much everything that I don’t already own; especially since I’m jumping from PS4 to Series X. I don’t want to buy a PS4 game when I’ll be banishing that console to the bedroom in a few months.

Waiting on Star Wars: Squadrons is gonna hurt.

I think Squadrons will get a next gen release day one, its possible they’re just noy confirming anything because the dates for consoles haven’t been announced yet. Same thing happened last gen if I recall correctly.

My problem is the games I’m most pumped for are : Halo Infinite - at launch. Cyberpunk - around launch. Avengers - three weeks.

I’d like to wait to play them all but then - there is no chance I’d have time to do any justice. So will play Avengers on my One X. See how Cyberpunk performs on the One X but probably wait till the SX is out (if it isn’t already) to at least benefit from the stable frames and whatnot and play a good chunk of it - then wait till the Series X patch hits to finish it. Hammer Halo Infinite on release…and probably for a good few years thereafter.