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Probably will be fixed by another patch

That’s a bit negative isn’t it? We have had a good amount of games where Xbox had the edge over PS. Cyberpunk performance wise was slightly in PS favor when the current gen update arrived but that’s fixed now too. Then there’s A Plague Tale Requiem, etc.

I would wait for someone to analyze this.

Likely, my thinking is that they probably didn’t have a lot of time before the launch(I do wonder if pubs would mandate update releases like game releases?), so they prioritized the version that they have the most players in. Which more than likely is the ps4 version because of the differences in sales, so they’re thinking they can have a resurgence on ps5 if they do the update and can just get to the Xbox version later.

It’s likely not about what hardware does what but about where they had better sales and looking to get a resurgence for their game as they work on something in the future. While sales between Series Consoles and PS5 are not as bad as they were last gen, the 2:1 ratio will imo still influence some business decisions for older games, the newer games though I expect to have the same amount of work put in, which will likely result in Series X taking the lead or parity.

Would prefer to see an upgrade for Wildlands over Breakpoint. Oh well.

Weird, I wonder what they changed because before the Series X version ran at 4K30 or 1440p60.

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Did a quick look and I still get a 1440p resolution in this image.

So there’s no difference between the OneX version and the current gen upgrade?

From what I can tell, it’s still running at the same dynamic 1440p60 or 4K30 resolution/frame rates it was before. This is still an upgrade over the two modes (resolution and fidelity) on the One X at 30fps.

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The new Pokemon games are an embarrassement and even regressing in technical quality.

They look and feature more stuff found in indie or kickstarter games like Lake or The Good Life rathern then the standards of open world games from 200x on 360 like Crackdown, Assassins Creed 2, Saints Row or Just Cause.

this makes RenderWare look modern, smh


Shocking. Honestly shocking. I get that no one expects Pokemon to be a technical showcase but this is way beyond that. This is “Something is seriously wrong” territory. Hard to fathom how this winds up with a green metascore.

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And all the Velocity Architecture, ML etc haven’t even been properly utilised yet.

What happens to the PS5 when it gets CPU bottlenecked in a game compared to the Series S or X?

You’re now seeing the Series X strength in a true next gen game.

It’s not… an RTX 3090ti is far cheaper than the RTX 4080 . The RTX 4080 has about 19% extra frames than the 3090ti.

£1000 for a 3rd party RTX3090ti £1350 for a 3rd party RTX4080

19% extra frames for a 35% price increase is obscene.

My post was in regard to 4090 performance only,

That card is resoanbly priced and with all its features turned on it do provide 2 times the better performance then 3090 and is priced just $100 more then 3090

Rtx 4080 is a cash grab which everyone knows at this point. Not a great value card


Evil West - Digital Foundry Tech Review - PS5 vs Xbox Series X/S - 4K30 vs 1080p60


Apologises if this has already been discussed, but I cannot see it has been.

This is a pretty big update because it appears that Epic has resolved 2 of the biggest ‘issues’ with UE5 and those are nanite not working with foliage and the ability for the current gen consoles to run at higher frame rates while using lumen and nanite.

However, DF did discuss this and they theroise that lumen could look a bit wonky at 60fps because the resolution of the ray tracing would be so low. You therefore might see quality and resolution modes looking quite different, although this is speculation.

I would have no problems with this though, as the developer will leave the decision up to the gamer.


TCP Tech dive (seen others post this though its not listed, perhaps waiting to finish up the article? )


  • 00:00 - Introduction
  • 01:19 - From Dead Space to Callisto
  • 02:32 - The Visuals of Callisto Protocol
  • 10:50 - How is Ray Tracing utilized?
  • 12:43 - Performance Mode vs Quality Mode
  • 16:04 - PlayStation 5 vs Xbox Series X|S
  • 18:29 - Performance Analysis
  • 22:38 - PC Performance Analysis
  • 26:42 - Loading Times
  • 27:52 - How does it sound?
  • 30:22 - How about the gameplay?
  • 32:36 - Wrap-up

I’m in no hurry for this one at all. But hopefully round the time I get to it they have fixed these things for Xbox.

From another forum

PS5 by far best version. Xbox Series X is missing some RT features and has a weird tint. Identical in everything else. PC version a fucking mess with shader compilation stutters all over.

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