Gamefest+XB Showcase: What ya eating/drinking?


I was close to almost derailing a post so thought it would be best to make an off topic post.

For tomorrow, and XB Showcase -

What ya EAting? What ya Drankin?


Nothing special for the stuff this week as I will just be watching it while I am working.

Sunday, still up in the air. Probably just go with the tried and true pizza and Coca-Cola Classic

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Eating: nothing during the showcase. Drinking: Alcohol free beer.

Unsweetened green tea with no snacks

Just one large Nespresso coffee because I’m a fancy boi like @Shpeshal_Nick :smile:

Hold the vanilla tho.

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Classic: pizza and coke


Either pizza and an energy drink, or protein shake.

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I’m personally having Caribbean chicken with chips and Pepsi tomorrow, for XB Showcase I’ll probably have some Tobasco chicken and beer…

What toppings my man?

I get low calorie but I don’t understand alcohol free - recovering?

Damn. Guess Pizza is winning by far! Love the addition of energy drink

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Cause the taste is so amazing… :face_vomiting:

Haven’t sorted it yet, but likely the standby: Crackers (Ritz or TownHouse), Pepperoni Slices, Cheese, Raspberry Iced-T.

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Best chips in the market.

Would get a pizza to watch it but it’s at 7pm in Spain, and dinner time here is around 9-10 PM, so a bit early.

And cocacola of course

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Oh snap, good question…

Im a big fan of classic Pepperoni and Mushroom, but I might get wild and our local place has a white pizza (some sort of alfredo/ranch type sauce) and Ill get that with chicken, bacon, and mushroom.

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Alcohol makes me an insomniac I discovered after I took a break from drinking for a month a couple of years ago ( August takes a toll on your liver for students in Groningen, due to multiple parties and fraternity camp outs. My liver definitely needed a break). Never went back to drinking ever since.


Thinking about making a huge moose meatball sandwich.


I once had a moose burger with blue cheese on top. Very tasty.

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Ooh, I will try some blue cheese with it, sounds tasty. Thanks for the tip!

I usually go with red beat sallad and pickled cucumber.

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Ill be eating what ever xbox feeds me at the toronto viewing party. So hopefully its good food lol


I found out about the Toronto event too late because I would’ve went. I will def try and go to next year fanfest if Toronto is hosting one

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What kind of chips are they? They look baked…

Lay’s oven baked crisps. Find them too dry personally.