Future Games Show over 50 games (2k, Ubi, Sega + more) Aug 28th

This takes place the day after Gamescom live. So looks like were getting multiple days of games being shown! Presented by David Hayter and Debi Mae West (Solid Snake and Meryl Silverburugh voice actors).

The Future Games Show is set to air next Friday, August 28 and today we’re delighted to announce some of the partners who are working with us on the Future Games Show, including Activision, Ubisoft, 2K, Sega, and more.

On top of that, you can also expect games from the likes of Devolver Digital, Modus Games, Merge Games, Frontier Developments, Daedalic Entertainment, PLAYISM, Stuck In Attic, Walkabout Games, General Interactive Co., Jaw Drop Games, Rocketship Park, TeamKill Media, Toplitz Productions, Studio 369, Raw Fury, The Binary Mill, Systemic Reaction, Ice Water Games and more.

Naturally, we’re buzzing to show you everything in-store for the show and if you’re as excited as us, you’ll want to make sure you’re around on Friday August 28 from 12pm PDT / 3pm EDT / 8pm BST.


Man next week is looking good for gaming events/streams and news again. Looking forward to it all whatever cool games/announcements they have to show.

I’m not going to read into the hosts for the future game show, if that series is coming back again it’ll be a while off.

Yep, these next days will be like an E3 lite all over again. Excited!

Ubisoft and Frontier Developments? I’m in.

Not going to get my hopes up, feel like every event this year has been a letdown :frowning:

But I will let myself be pleasantly surprised if something good does pop up :slight_smile:

Apparently we’re getting some Xbox Series X footage :slightly_smiling_face:


Footage of games running on Xbox Series X? What sacrilege is this :grin:.


Oh wow. Was going to skip this show but now, im going to watch it. Just hoping it’s something good at least. Maybe Flight Sim or Gears Tactics running off Series X??? Hmmmmm

It’s going to be the medium for the third time :grin:

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Something at the end? Hmm.

I will keep my expectations in check lol

This is hilarious. They literally had a black screen for several seconds, replayed the intro and rewinded to the halfway point. LMFAO!!!

Wow. Just wow. How do you screw up a pre-recorded video and just hit “play”? LOL.

I was so confused.

They’re back to where the video cutoff. In a way, I don’t want them showing anything Xbox related as it may go bad. lol.

Slightly off topic wrt what ya were talking about, but anyone ever notice how when companies put up streams into YT as on demand vids they always include the arduously long countdown timers? So annoying.

AC is now November 17th launch. Wasn’t it gonna launch on the 13th before?

EDIT: Wait, did they just confirm AC is coming out on next gen AFTER the 17th? :confused:

OK, guys.

It’s time to talk about Smalland.

COD is November 13th. AC Valhalla is November 17th. Next Gen versions will be available on the 17th or on the date the next gen consoles launch. Whichever is later.

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Very groundedy

Call of thhe Sea looks very good.