Forza Motorsport Shown at Xbox Showcase: Brings Ray Tracing, Enhanced Time of Day

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The Xbox & Bethesda Games Showcase continues and we hit the racetrack with a in depth look at the graphical upgrades Turn10 Studios have brought to their flagship Forza Motorsport franchise.

With a focus on the iconic Maple Valley track, Turn10 detailed the updates to the engine, bringing enhanced Physically Based Rendering, Time of day, and Ray Tracing to make one of the most visually striking racing games ever created.

Underlining the focus on the advanced rendering techniques to bring every inch of the cars, tarmac to you in never before seen detail, the showcase was taken entirely in engine to show off what the game can do in real conditions.

Forza Motorsport is due to PC and XBox Game Pass in Spring 2023, bring your racing overalls!


Welcome to the Real Racing Simulator.


Maple Valley never looked and sounded better. Bummer about 2023. Oh well.

Looks so good. Can’t wait.

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Just watched it in 4K, finally. Looks real good.

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Wait’s going to be long, looks so good.

Even the pylons have subsurface scattering, pretty wild.

That shot of the GTR was amazing. Note the scratches and damage to paint job on the front of the car whereas the back of the car is spared from any blemishes.

The games have always done this with dirt but to see this affecting the paint job is impressive.

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More on Thursday

Tune into Forza Monthly this Thursday, June 16 on our official Twitch and YouTube channels when Forza Motorsport Creative Director Chris Esaki will dive into what you see in the trailer.


The trailer’s absolutely terrible, like almost everything about it, the gameplay section with the camera being 30 meters behind the car, the track choice, with these environments and trees which couldn’t be less impressive, the amount of time wasted moving the camera around unnecesary parts of the circuit.

And let’s not talk about the fireworks thing, or how they are copying what Playground did last year, like why? XD

The car details are brutal tho, the GTR scene is unreal, but that was it, these few seconds were all for me.

Here’s FM7, hell, that track looks like some UE5 demos on the desert, the lighting chosen is more impressive / realistic, and then the inside the car videos and specially the rain moments are incredible, basically all the segment from min 3 to 4:30 is epic.

I got the feeling i’ll play this FM more than any other except FM2 which i just played too much, but if showing cockpit and rain scenes was possible and they didn’t do it, i am sure i would have made a way better trailer

Was really impressed by the collisions, they looked much more real than the other games.


This was insane and on a completely different level than any other racing game ever shown such as the most recent Gran Turismo, wow.


This is going to be the GOAT racing game, I’m so hyped for it! Game looks insane!!! All that next gen power as standard really seems to make a huge difference; wondering what the minimum requirements will be on PC.

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ray traced reflections on rutime (at forza level of fidelity) is no small thing to achieve on series x.

doing that on series s requires a lot of programming magic

happy to wait 8)

Return of the True King :crown: Wish at least FM was this year tho


Looks incredible. So great to see what a sim racer looks like when it’s built from the ground up for a current gen console.

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I can’t help but sense some shades thrown at GT. The damage physic is crazy. Actually, RT effect is insane.


Considering how much time they have until launch, are we thinking Turn10 will be able to improve on what we are seeing considering that they’re not showing the final build?

Edit: I would say definitely since I noticed a little bit of pop in from a bit of one of the hills and railing during the flyby camera, also a little shimmering in the wrecked cars body.

This makes Gran Turismo look like some mini-game you play on the dashboard in your car in Forza Motorsport…


This looks soooo good… Maybe the game I’m most excited about right now, even more than Starfield.

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