Forza Horizon 5 |OT| All Roads Lead To Mexico

22M+ on leaderboard :partying_face:

I am very positive that they have surpassed the last known 24 million players number of FH4 by now already


lets see what news they have on the next Forza Monthly

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There is also something new about Rami’ Racing history in the upcoming !Go episode

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Hot Wheels was pretty damn fun btw. A bit short maybe, but very well done.


So, I discovered this morning that S2 cars (or any very fast car, I guess) can actually go airborne just from cresting hills at high speed.

I don’t mean just bunny hopping over the top of the hill, I mean taking flight.

I was not expecting that. Ha.

Edit: To clarify, I’m talking about taking flight on a track during a race, not during a stunt.


Presumably info on what series 11 will be, since Thursday starts the last week of this series?

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There’s been reports of a potential car pack involving Donut Media. Maybe we could hear about that during the Forza monthly.