Forza Horizon 4 reaches 24 million players as of November 2020

This data is from NOVEMBER 2020. This is PRIOR to the Steam launch and PRIOR to even the XSS/XSX launch. Lordy. 0.0


Wow. Really impressive stuff.

If FH4 is pulling of these numbers I wonder just how well Halo: Infinite is going to do considering it’ll be launch on Xbox, Windows Store, Steam, and Xbox Game Pass day one, as well as having a free MP. I get the feeling that it may possibly be the biggest Xbox game launch ever.


The fact it will be on Game Pass and free-to-play will ensure it will be the biggest Xbox game launch ever. The only thing that can cause that to not happen is if the game is a disaster.


Well deserved ! It’s the best racing game ever imo


Thats a lot and absolutely well deserved. FH4 is simply the best racing game after Lotus Turbo Challenge 2 (this was 30 years ago).

What’s the source for 24 million? The original source.

Power Your Dreams: Xbox Series X and Xbox Series S Now Available Worldwide - Xbox Wire

From Xbox themselves, I’d imagine they’ll be close to 30 million by the end of the year. Surely, has to be one of the best selling/most played racing games of all time.

Funny thing is Forza Horizon 5 will probably surpass it, if it matches the quality of the series with a day one release on steam.


There’s just too much good news today.


Heh. Gamepass was at about 2 million when this launched.

Imagine how FH5 is gonna do.


I love how EVERY news outlet completely missed this news back in November. :smiley:


Haha almost forgot that Gamepass was not what it is now. Day one numbers are going to be huge. It is always amongst the most played games on Gampass too.

Forza horizon has got to be top 3-5 IPs for MS surely. 90+ rated service games that sell well and work well with Gamepass, what’s not to love.


This game is most likely the best selling Xbox game from last gen, wouldn’t be surprised because this game has been hanging out in the top 15 most played games in the US ever since it came out on Xbox One, reached 10 million players in like 8 to 9 months and while I’m sure GamePass helped it a lot I wouldn’t be surprised if at least 30-40% of those numbers are sales which would put it between 8-10 million.

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FH4 is literally THE service seller, it’s always at the number one spot on Gamepass Most Popular, even ahead of Halo. It was the game that made me get Gamepass.

Oh, and Forza Horizon 5 will blow these numbers out of the water.


Wow did everyone miss this? Never heard it before. Wonder what they are at now.

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Holy fucking shit!!! That’s massive for Playground and Forza Horizon 4. Can’t wait to see what Forza Horizon 5 does.


To spitball

I bet it does 12 million in the first week. And 25 million within the first year.

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Easy eventual 30 million when it launches day 1 on Xbox one, Series X | S and Steam.

Yeah, probably. Forza Horizon 5 will be massive especially if it’s cross-gen which I do believe that it will be.


Yeah I wouldn’t say 30 million if it were fully next gen. Maybe Horizon 6 could be when we’re well into the generation. But I too think FH5 is cross gen and releasing later this year or worst case early 2022. There has to be one other game that Jason Ronald was referring to that hasn’t been announced, FH5 just makes sense for it to be that.


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