Football Manager 2021 coming to Xbox; No PS4/5 release because Sony didn't send Dev Kits

Jesus…Football Manager 2021 and Stellaris on Xbox. Just one of those games would eat up my weekend given the chance.

Did Sony just run out of dev kits or something??

Meanwhile, on Xbox:

Football Manager also returns to Xbox for the first time since 2007 with Football Manager 2021 Xbox Edition. Carefully redesigned for full optimisation with the Xbox controller, you can carry on your save on any Windows 10 PC thanks to Microsoft’s Play Anywhere technology.

In addition to the Xbox One, FM21 Xbox will also be available on the new Xbox Series X and Xbox Series S and it’s just one price for you to be able to play the game across all of them.

Wow, I’m shocked. Sony had devkits production since 2019. Good for XBox.

Wonder if Sony is having much less devkits around.


As for Sony:

Day one for me. I got my first taste of the series with football manager 20 touch on the switch, and easily put 200+ hours into the game. Then I recently got a gaming laptop and pulled the desktop version via gamepass, so I’m definitely buying day one unless its on gamepass.

What’s crazy is can’t they just send PS4 dev kits, and then allow Playstation gamers to play it through BC

Bloody hell! Reading through Miles’s tweets, there will be no PS4 release either.

Looks like another, yet unexpected, CONSOLE EXCLUSIVE for Xbox! :grinning:

Wonder how many small, mid size devs have not got a kit?

Crazy thought: Did late clock changes, also impact the number of dev kits produced? Usually, you start with a number of dev kits you need at start of program, and you try to deliver to that number.

OhMyGod…if this ends up on Game Pass, I’m not getting any work done! :rofl:

I wouldn’t have thought so but…who knows? If we hear about more Xbox Console Exclusive from mid-tier studios there maybe there’s something going on.

Its just odd, considering that Sony are sponsors of the European Champions League you’d think they would send dev-kits to the developers of the best Football Management game out there. By the sounds of it, Sony aren’t that fussed about having the game on their platform and gave higher priority to other titles.

Games like this are such a bonus, great for diversity and range of games are available. I can’t stand soccer but will end up giving it a go now.

I warn you, its addictive as hell…or it was when I last played, eons ago. Well pleased this is coming to Xbox.

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Worth remembering that it is also coming to Switch, so not quite console exclusive.

This is going to be great, on Windows, Xbox One and Xbox Series and cross save between them all? I’ll have my Series X downstairs, my One X upstairs and my laptop and I’ll be able to switch between all 3? That’s awesome.

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Heh, forgot about Switch to be honest. Non-handheld console exclusive then for Xbox. :wink:

As for cross-play, damn, I could get to the FA Cup semi-final on the Series X downstairs and play the final upstairs on my One X. Sleep is overrated anyway. :upside_down_face:

There’s a full interview from Sports Interactive boss Miles Jacobson on this at Eurogamer:

Out of interest, is this confirmed as being buy once across Xbox and PC or just cross save across Xbox and PC?

Its looks like cross save between PC/Xbox, but buy once on Xbox to get all Xbox versions, I could be wrong?

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I am so excited for this! I hate playing on my PC because it just doesn’t feel right any more, so looking forward to coming home after work one night with a can of beer in one hand controller in the other.

Not a game that I’d personally be interested in regardless. But, always glad to see Xbox putting in the effort to expand its audience!

Odd behavior of Sony. But there is more to it. It just happens that something changed and out of nothing major sites report about it while in the not so far past it would have swept under the carpet (my personal observation, not a fact).


Football manager 2021 will be releasing on December 1st