Football Manager 2021 coming to Xbox; No PS4/5 release because Sony didn't send Dev Kits

Not sure if any of the non-EU people have any idea how big this game is? Because its a major thing it’s coming to consoles. Non-gaming friends I have play FM2020 all the time. Like 1000hrs+ in a year.

Its massive - but won’t be on console - I used to play hundred hours a week of FM back in the early 2000’s (it was championship manager then). Its just not a game for console I’m afraid. Its better on a laptop. You can play it while pretending to listen to your wife! But yeah can’t see many playing it on xbox but nice it is there.

Would also prefer PC, no doubt. But it brings the full game to markets which were unreachable before. A lot of my friends do own a console, but not a laptop of PC anymore. And FM needs a beefy PC if you want smooth performance.

Is it the full game on Xbox or the cut down touch version?

That’s too soon! :sweat_smile:

Looking forward to this one but with Cyberpunk being so close, I’ll have to wait for a discount.

Cancels all social plans on December 1st.

I’ll show Klopp and Guardiola how its done! :grinning:


Full game , so same as PC.

It is based on Touch, but seems to be better tailored to the console (hence Xbox Edition, instead of being named “Touch” like on Nintendo Switch).

Based on Football Manager Touch, FM21 Xbox is fully optimised for victory with the Xbox Controller on Xbox Series X|S and Xbox One. You can effortlessly put yourself on the path to footballing greatness with a UI that has been tailored for Xbox consoles and makes navigating through the game world a breeze.

Yeah but its the based on touch thing meaning its not the full version with full databases and limited tactical options etc…

Still can’t preorder on the store. Fingers crossed we are getting it on Game Pass.

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Its out! Its out! No sleep for me for the next year! Not until my team wins everything! :slightly_smiling_face:

EDIT: Its Series S|X enhanced, another game that needs to be installed on the internal drive, its a 3.69GB install on Series X.