First PS5 photos show just how big Sony’s next-gen console truly is

It’s interesting, the design has a lot of first impression flash, like “wow, its so fancy!.” However, that type of look becomes entirely outdated in 1 year.

Reminds me of the OG Xbox One, large size form factors that needs two parts (Kinect or Stand) to function never work in the long term.

In contrast, the Series X will look modern from its first day to even in a few years. PC Towers even strive to have that type of form factor.

2/3 the size will reduce it to the same volume as the Series X :phil_lmao:

Imagine the kind of deal you need to make with your wife so she allows that in the living room?!


I don’t think its that bad personally in which wives will be like GET THIS THING OUT OF HERE!, but for me personally, my house entirely has a modern, minimalist design from furniture to electronics (The One X fits it beatifully). The Series X fits the aesthetics much more. The PS5 is like putting a cheap PC with RGB in living room.

Reminds me of this:

That would look really gross in my living room

I have my little idea but if I post it, I’m afraid you’ll litterally die of laughter

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I have been getting a distinct impression since the ps5 was unveiled that there was some significant behind the scenes issues with the creation of the machine because so much of it seems halphazardly put together. The stand is an excellent example. You need the stand regardless of which way you put the machine…but look at how the stand attached. MOst console stands have been very elegant. Screwing or snapping into place easily. But on the ps5 it awkwardly clips on from behind. It seems so clear that when we ended up with was the best they could come up with on short notice.

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I attach everything to my wall.

Pro tip: make sure to use a swivel style tv mount for easy access to cables, power button, etcetera.

I plan on buy a Ps5. Ideally around the time god of war comes out cause I loved the first but ya that’s an ugly sucker. Hopefully they are rumblings of a slim by then(probably too soon) cause this is the uglies console I’ve ever seen.

Remember this pic? People debated its authenticity. It turns out it was real. Exactly the same as the top view from these new pics.


I showed the photos to @Aetain and she wants to get one and put a massive sticker of chungus and slap it on the side, which pretty accurately covers how i feel about it.

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The more I look at it the less the design makes sense to me. The disc drive is in one of the white wings? So this white wing has a rectangular hole, in which the bluray goes through to enter the black body? Or does the white wing actually have working parts and is not only for aesthetics?

One would estimate that PS5 having less CU would result in low watt!

Then, one would thought that due to overclocking it may reach upto series X power.

But nope - it goes beyond it.

Enhanced node is doing the trick here i suppose

Actual clearance width for PS5

Wow, that view really emphasizes what an ugly chonker this thing is. Reminds me a bit of the PS3 phat, which I liked at the time, but less elegant and even bigger.

Even Zhuge agrees on how big it is lol

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No offense to any Sony fans here, but this things design is a disaster. How does a console that’s 20% weaker than the competition be almost 50% bigger. The actual space it takes up is probably more than 50% because of all the weird angles.

On a 3ft x 3ft table you could put 36 series x’s (6”x6”x 12” tall right?). How many Ps5’s could you put on the table? My rough math has me at about 18 units but that doesn’t sound right.



My guess is that it’s to ensure nothing blocks air intake and outflow. I could be completely wrong, but the moment I saw them I figured it was for a practical purpose.

I’m also guessing it’ll run quiet with 2 fans each on a bulky end… Again I could be completely wrong.

I truly hope those white portions are replaceable with purchasable plate designs a la Xbox 360 faceplates. It’s one way for Sony to make up for the losses the digital version is taking, by selling $0.75 plastic covers for $9.99. But it’s a nice big canvas for cool artwork. Or you could simply change the colour of your console. These covers could make for cool preorder bonuses for games.

Look, it’s like cosmetic microtransactions for your hardware, it’s sorta bizarre to me that the console manufacturers haven’t done this yet.

The console weighs very similar to the XSX, 10lbs.

It’s a…monster.

I would like to know Cerny’s thinking about this thing.

I think from a distance, it is kind of harmonious, like some kind of designer lamp. But it is so bulky and large.

I don’t think you could take this thing to a friend in a back pack. You need a travel bag.

That’s probably why we haven’t seen it outside official videos.

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