First PS5 photos show just how big Sony’s next-gen console truly is


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Big and ugly.


Get ready guys!

KOTAKU “The PS5 is big, but here’s why it’s a good thing.”


I was wondering how the stand worked when horizontal. It just clips onto the wing, well that’s interesting I guess. I’m not sure if that’s good or bad right now.

I’m hoping you can remove those awful wings, but even if you could they might be necessary for the cooling system to function properly. It’s the wings with the weird twist in them and that tacked on drive that make it look so odd. Why Sony why?

I was initially impressed by the PS5 design, but I have since started appreciating even more the design simplicity of the Series X. PS5 is a huge fat beast, I’ll be waiting for a Slim version, most likely.

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The Stand. It will be even taller with the stand.

IMG_20200919_183827 IMG_20200919_183830

You want to why what functions have these wings…?


PS: Joke!


why does this ‘thing’ get bigger with every picture?

It better be quiet.

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I’d never buy a console based on how it looks but damn…that thing is ugly

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Oh wait I’m just realizing something, the inside black portion is oddly shaped too. The front bottom of the console is thin, while front top is fat. The back bottom of the console is fat, while the back top is thin. It’s a wedge shape top to bottom AND front to back. That is why is wings are wavy like that.

I guess I never noticed because they never showed the back before.

So its been confirmed PS5 is 350watts, Do we have confirmation of the series X power?

Yeah those 39mm is definitely not the blades on the outside.

Its 300 Watt

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Lol, clocking ps5 so high is so wacky.


Less powerful and more power hungry. I hope the life of the console holds up. If it heats up too much I guess its going to have a much smaller life.


The PS4 pro is not a well built console, its loud as hell and the build quality is creaky. I hope the PS5 is solid, but with all the excess plastic i think it may creak even more then the pro. Hopefully it wont be loud.

I mean it should be solid and silent considering the enormous size. And if its not then there is something wrong with the hardware design of the console.

But one thing is clear MS has clearly outclassed and outengineered Sony when it comes to hardware.



Where can I see the confirmation of both please?

Dont know about seriesX confirmation.

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