First PS5 photos show just how big Sony’s next-gen console truly is

It’s so tiny!

Seriously, what’s the point of these ‘fins’ protruding so far out? This system is too over-designed in an attempt to look edgy.

I suppose the console is so huge that they designed it in a way to distract you from the fact that thst it’s so huge.


Im not even gonna hide it. Xbox would get fuckin LAMBASTED if they made this design.


It is just to break the lines of bulky design, design plus some aerodynamic purposes if you wanna fly

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It is so ugly and big… Looks like it was designed by some 60 year olds trying to be “down with the kids” but in the early 2000’s.

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Aah. Got it.

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Oh man, stop ! :shushing_face: We don’t have to defend MS by mocking Sony. We are better than that.

It’s a funny and ironic situation, but there is no need to fight back. 2013 MS is long gone now, so let’s focus on the bright future of Xbox.

Sony fans have to ask the questions and raise the concerns about their favorite company’s strategy. Not us.


Lol I understand but it was really too funny

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That’s one thicc console

It’s an ugly one. As shallow as it is, I’m not owning something that looks as stupid as that.

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Yep, I’m definitely not buying one until there’s a slim version. That design is just ridiculous.

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It’s really the most ugly and terrible console design I’ve ever seen. I do wonder what Sony were thinking. What made me laugh was when the design was revealed the usuals were saying how great it looked and there is just no way on earth they can truly have thought that. The DualSense looks absolutely beautiful - how is it possible to have a controller like that with a console like this? I really do feel like Sony had a massive box late in dev and didn’t know what to do so last minute someone stuck some cardboard wings onto it and they just called it a day.

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I think if it was smaller, it would be a lot more compelling even with those lines. The design would be cool if it were 2/3 of its size for instance. Large, it just doesn’t work

Since the PlayStation 5 will only be for exclusives, when im not using it, im covering up that shitty looking console with a black trash bag!!! lmao


I’ve got plenty of room on my console shelf, and I’ll be replacing the PS4 when I pick up one of these anyway, so it doesn’t bother me too much. But lol, just what an enormous and silly looking console.

I mean everything looks better smaller, but it still would be a horribly over designed box. The PS4 was a lovely console design, the pro pretty bad, the PS5 is just awful.

That oversized router better be fully quiet and not get very warm/hot.

That would be ridiculous.


Agreed. My launch PS4 is still going strong …

This thing isn’t going to be quiet. In case people haven’t already figured this out, if it’s positive you’ve been told about it. Anything you haven’t been told about is going to be shadow dropped quietly in a blog or left for reviewers to find out.

Case in point…

Things we’ve heard about:

  • Super fast SSD
  • 3D audio
  • VR support
  • Top theoretical performance

Things we found out on our own or in shady blog posts:

  • Launch titles actually coming to PS4
  • Game Price increases
  • Controller price increases
  • Limited digital edition availability

Things we haven’t been told:

  • OS RAM allocation
  • Actual breakdown of how SmartShift works for games
  • console noise levels

Basically if the thing your interested in wasn’t mentioned vocally on stage by now it’s not looking good for it to not be disappointing.