First Look at the PlayStation 5 User Experience

Video just got posted showing the PS5 UI. Looks really nice and minimalistic in the traditional Playstation way. Really love how the SSDs in these new consoles allows the UI to move around so fast and it’s a cool feature to actually be showing the game always running in the background when in the game dash view (not sure what to call it lol). PiP is also a nice feature that I miss from the early Xbox One days. Sadly doesn’t look like there’s any type of game swapping feature like quick resume. We probably won’t see more until launch but I like it overall.

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Not a fan. Don’t like PS4 either all I get is spinning circles and never work out how to do anything.

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I like it, looks nice and clean. I hate the whole party system though, that’s just straight up crap. Not liking that new system at all.

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Overall this looks like a good UI. I would have liked to see more things loading. The loading was fast but it doesn’t seem like it supports a quick resume-like feature so that’s a little disappointing.

Looks fine-- I’m not really partial to Sony’s UI design overall, though their startup sequences are always so slick looking. I just fired up my PS3 the other day, that orchestra sound at startup, pure class.

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I’m not too fond of Sony design language overall but this is a clear upgrade from the ps4 so good.

Hoping you can snap other apps and not just system stuff

Hey sony, xbox did snap 7yrs ago, didnt go so well…

You see sony like 99% of your customers have these things called smartphones, which is better then having 2 windows on a console.

As for everything else they showed im not that impressed, the cards just seem like unnecessary fluff and they didn’t show how quick it was to switch between games and how many games can be suspended on the SSD.

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Is this sarcasm?

In order to use a smartphone you have to drop the gamepad. You can’t use both at the same time. The point o PiP is to let something playing in the background while you play the game. This is a useful feature that Xbox should bring back.


No quick resume I guess? Unless I missed it?

New talking points: “Quick resume is no big deal” “I didn’t want quick resume anyway”

Serve me some crow when PS5’s quick resume equivalent is revealed in a future video :smiley:

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No its not sarcasm.

Maybe with a decent voice interface it would be good, but i can open a video way faster on my phone, typeing on console is slloooowwwwww

At the same time, I don’t know why they would exclude such a big feature as Quick Resume from their walkthrough here. Maybe it is not ready and will come after launch, or they have something different.

i like the design language, looks clean. The content on the other hand? The first tile is an publisher ad and the ‘challenges’ look like my scrum board at work :rofl:

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SNAP mode. Can’t believe it. Noice.

Its fine - its quite fussy for my taste - a lot going on - and I’m not sure how much of it I’d use. But they are clearly looking to try and catch up on community and social features.

Why are the Sony fans saying they have quick resume when they dont lol

Console warzzz

Haha yes the picture in picture stuff felt like xbox one launch ui all over again

Why the hell would i split my main screen wheb i have a smartphone inches from me all the time

Oh and you just plain CANT suspend several games… it is just one - like ps4

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Big meh from me

Wont use any of the features highlighted

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The UI says that there is the ability to resume multiple games

No quick resume shown in the video.