'Final Fantasy XIV Online' Xbox Series Version Sees Official Release March 21

Originally published at: 'Final Fantasy XIV Online' Xbox Series Version Sees Official Release March 21 - XboxEra

Announced during the Xbox Partner Preview yesterday, publisher SQUARE ENIX will have their ongoing MMO ‘Final Fantasy XIV Online’ leave its open beta state on the 21st of March, allowing Xbox Series players to fully purchase the game and returning slash current players to link their Xbox accounts to their current XIV memberships. That’s just a month shy of its open beta launch back in late February, which currently offers a free trial to swathes of content.

Also announced during the stream is that Xbox Game Pass Ultimate members will have access to the “Starter Edition” of the game, giving them access to the base games and expansion packs all the way to the game’s ‘Stormblood’ release. However, do note that redeeming this version of the game immediately disqualifies you from being able to the free trial—you will need to begin paying for the game’s monthly subscription service immediately should you choose to take the Starter Edition, so it’s a good idea to give the trial a spin before you jump in. One last thing to note is that XIV also requires you to pay for Game Pass Core or Ultimate to play the game, as it is also gated behind Microsoft’s paid online services. Lastly, note that the game will only be available on Xbox Series consoles.

With this release out of the way, the company marches forth to the game’s next expansion ‘Dawntrail’. You can read more about that release here if you’re interested. Til then, why not rekindle your ‘World of Warcraft’ addiction?

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Getting pumped to finally start playing this on Xbox. The paid version is still not up for preorder, any word on the price?

Only $60 and it includes Endwalker. :slight_smile: Better than I was expecting honestly.

Where is the review from ff14 ?

You already got an answer that it wasn’t happening because of the amount of time it would take.

Wait, so I can use the same account and character I have on PC? I own the base game and first expansion from way back but only started playing again a few months ago. So on Xbox i could use my GPU to keep playing with all the expansions? If so that’s awesome.



You can use the same character you already have on PC, but the starter edition that’s free with GPU only includes the first two expansions. Once you get past Stormblood you’ll have to get the $60 edition.

Dawntrail preorder info: FINAL FANTASY XIV: Dawntrail

Kind of pumped that this will be the first expansion I preorder on Xbox instead of PS or Steam. :laughing:

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Wonder what the Xbox player count is like, I tried this game and got bored before I even unlocked the first dungeon.

Hard for me to enjoy tab targeting combat in 2024. I’d recommend Elder Scrolls Online for a more fun gameplay experience.

Game is absolute dogshit with a controller. Like serious dogshit. Takes 9 years to select anything. Does anyone have any tips?

The game itself takes time to get use to…once you get into the flow it can get a lot better. It just needs patience

Wish this came out on xbox start of this gen. Id have sunk 100s of hours. But now its like a little too late

Big fuck up by MS taking this long and to have 2 subs required to play.


I tried it on my steam deck, no sub required for online and I just played on a free trial account.

No you dont need gamepass or sub to play the free trial even on xbox but you need both subs to play paid version.

But honestly i think this game is near unplayable withiut A keyboard

Doesn’t the game allow you to use keyboard?

I’ve been playing with a controller since 2013. I guess I’m just used to it? I have a keyboard plugged into the Xbox for chatting but other than that I have no problem doing everything on the controller.

Am I correct in my understanding that even with Gamepass Ultimate and buying their top edition (Gold, or whatnot) release with all of the expansions, I would still have to pay an additional monthly fee to play FFXIV?

I’ve only played the free trial on PC.

Can I log in with my existing free trial account and play on xbox as well ?

Or do I need a new Xbox account to play the trial from scratch on Xbox?

I believe you can continue off with your existing account. Just have to link with your Xbox account. Note: you can only do it once. Changing would not work.

Correct. Just play the free trial and see if you think it’s worth to pay a monthly subscription.

Or just play the better game called ESO. :running_man: