'Final Fantasy XIV Online' Xbox Series Version Sees Official Release March 21


I have too large a backlog and too little time to devote to a monthly subscription game. I’ll have to pass. :man_shrugging:

I did try ESO for a bit awhile ago for rewards points. It was difficult to get in to. I imagine I’d have the same problem with Fallout 76 just like I do with Warframe. Also, the timing for cooperative sessions doesn’t fit well with adult life. Well, certainly not mine! :grin:

How can I link ?

And if I become a paying account, I need to buy expansion on both PC and Xbox right

I logged in with the account on Xbox and was prompted to link it with SE ID. You need at least free trial “bought” before, unless your account is already paid (I think).

You mean I need to redeem the free trial on the store?

@TimPhoeniX I think you’re wrong


Let’s say that - I had to redeem free trial on secondary profile to link SE with it. And then I had to redeem Starter Edition for main profile because my main SE account might have already free trial on other platform.

For anyone playing this, make sure to check out the limited time Final Fantasy XVI collab event, it’s awesome.

Unlocking Xbox achievements is definitely reinvigorating my interest in this game, not gonna lie. :rofl:

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You’re playing it wong, lol. Watch a tutorial on YouTube for how to set up the settings for controller. Many of the most hardcore raiders and PvPers use controller and clear the hardest content that most people won’t ever clear. One basic thing you might want to do is set attacking to auto-target so you dont need to select the enemy and from there you can tweak it even further.