Final Fantasy VII: Remake Rumour

Hey all obviously take this with a massive grain of salt but I found this quite interesting!

I like the idea of them adding a ton of content to make up for the year exclusivity!

I have already played it on PS4 but would deffo double dip for a Series X version!


(I know… 4chan but still)

UPDATE: It is not looking good guys…


I hope this is true I been waiting to play on the xbox like I do if I think the game is going to be a timed exclusive


Don’t get your hopes up, but it would be nice if it came across.

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I could see this being true. Why not get people to double dip on ff7. Whether it comes to xbox remains to be seen

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Its confirmed as timed exclusive till April 2021 :slight_smile:


I’ll grab this on series x if it comes, not to keen on how linear/boxey the level design looked in reviews.

But otherwise hoping it is good.

I enjoyed it but it is a more linear FF

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Enjoyed the game, but not worth a re-play for me. However I do hope part 2 isn’t timed exlcusive

Oh it will be i wouldn’t put it past sony they literally pay AAA 3rd party devs to keep games off Xbox


Japanese publishers:

Doesn’t bring the entirety of their franchises to Xbox consoles and instead ports the 7th entry of their series while also treating Xbox gamers like second class citizens by bringing content to the platform late or after timed exclusivity.

Also Japanese publishers:

“Why are our sales on Xbox so low!?” :open_mouth::weary::thinking::man_shrugging:

I’ll play it when it hits Game Pass.


yeah it sucks because I would love to play it on xbox instead, but can’t wait a year, so would buy there. Then Square will blame xbox fanbase for not having strong sales for japanese games when they treat platform like second class citizens because most won’t buy same game twice or buy full price after its been released on other platforms

Yep screw square enix for taking that money its pretty pointless

I just want the game to be announced. I’ve put off playing until the next-generation machines came out

It will be. Square is releasing pretty much everything to Sony first at this point … FFXVI, and Project Athia are going to be a terrible wait


I will for sure double dip if it comes to Xbox. FF7 is probly my fav game of all time. The remake was pretty dam good, minus a few things I didn’t like with the ending, but overall still good. I hope it comes in April so we don’t have to wait too long.

Maybe I’m naive but I 100 percent believe it’s coming to Xbox after exclusive period is over


The fact it still isn’t guaranteed to come to Xbox is disappointing. This was my most anticipated game at one point but this wait is killing my hype.

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The Midgar section of the original was also extremely linear though so it makes sense. It does also kind of open up a couple times throughout allowing you to explore, fast travel and do side quests

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Always laugh when people say japanese games dont sell on xbox … yeah they dont if you dont put them there.


Just bought the base version to play on PS5. I think it may come to Game Pass but I wanted to hedge my bets if progress carries over and Sony moneyhats again

I got bored of waiting and bought this on PS5. I hope the next gen update is free but I don’t have high hopes