Final Fantasy 16 Weird Timed Exclusivity Deal

We dont know how well next nintendo system will do. By then i think steam deck will be more mainstream.

I’d say it’s been a mixed bag over the years, but in my opinion 7R is the best the series has been since the PS1 days and I only hear unending praise for 14. With 7R2 coming out and 16 being made by the same team that handles 14 - the series seems to be in a positive place right now critically.

15 was way more hated than 13. Go to any FF community forum and that will be the case.

13 got 2 sequels. 15 had half its planned DLCs canned. So internally SE knew noone gave a shit about it.

As long as Steam Deck isn’t sold at retail like a normal console then I don’t see it becoming anything more than an enthusiast device.

Anyhow, the point is that Nintendo has been doing some hires that seem to show that Switch 2 will be capable of running AAA games and I think Square will drop Sony exclusivity deals like a hot potato when all their AAA games run on Switch 2. However, this doesn’t mean they will start supporting Xbox more, lol.


I wonder if Switch 2 will be as strong as series s. I need a new switch already because it feels like my switch is about to die since it makes loud noises when playing pokemon

Lately from FF13, 15. No not really good, Especially FF15 at launch was a bad story and feel incomplete. FF15 Royal Edition had extra content that made it a little better but still not good.

FF13 had 2 sequel, still not good either. Story is confusing ass hell. You don’t miss much with recent FF games. They have all been mediocre lately, Only FF14 being a MMO is good after a rough original launch. FF7R is a remake of a belove game. All together it not good.

FF16 might be another mediocre FF game, will see though.

That’s misrepresenting the facts a bit. Like they didn’t just can half the dlc - they initially planned only 3 DLCs before expanding on that with more and a ton of post launch suppport, they did cancel additional DLC when the lead director left the company but ultimately released more than they had originallly planned.

That’s definitely not the case from what I saw back in the day, 13 was despised by so many people while 15 just came across as meh

and the sequels argument doesn’t mean much when most FF games don’t get sequels but still sold or did critically better than 13, the sequels also sold badly

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Probably won’t even look lke that on PC. Them are fake footage, pre alpha most likely.

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If its going to 300 to 400 it will be as powerful as a cureent ps4 at best.

Nintendo need to make a console only version of their next hardware. For the hgh end users.

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Yeah but thats the beauty of time. It makes people change their minds. 13 isnt as disliked after 15 because 15 was that bad.

13 had a decent battle systme at least. I never hated 13 actually. 15 i hate with a passion

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As strong as Series S sounds unlikely, but I wonder if it’s a stretch to say “If it runs on Series S, it’s not too much effort to get it running on Switch 2”?

These hires make me think Nintendo will target some AAA series that never came to their platforms before (maybe it runs GTA6… :thinking:)

But to stay on topic, it will run AAA Square games and Square will definitely NOT ghost this platform as they do Xbox (they already put some “miracle ports” out for Switch 1). Which will mean the end of Sony/Square exclusives.

Yeah my Switch usually starts screaming when it plays an Unreal Engine game. Very ready to move on as well.

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Yeah, I play 80% of the time docked, so wouldn’t made if they made a high end docked only model because I would chose that over hybrid

Nah I think it will be much better than a ps4, mostly due to a much better CPU like the Steam Deck does

However, the Steam Deck is already around that price if not more and Nintendo doesn’t like taking a loss on hardware so people expecting something much stronger than the Deck aren’t being realistic

Not to mention this is Nintendo, their hardware has been garbage for decades

Final Fantasy Syndrome. The newest game in the series is the worst game ever… until the next one comes out, now it’s the worst ever and maybe that last one wasn’t so bad after all. That’s been the cycle since the PS1 days. Watch, after 16 comes out there will be a wave of positive reevaluations of 15.

Unless they really mess 16 up, there is no way it can be worst than 15 at launch lol

Im hoping nintendo making enough off switch will convince them to make better hardware that isnt garbage

Having a slightly better cpu isnt enough for me

I also dont want another hybrid

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Im betting 16 will break the trend. 15 will never get that

There will be things people don’t like about it. “Pure medieval setting is so boring, remember all the cool mech designs in 15?” etc.

It will be a hybrid. Nintendo is never making a stationary console again.

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