Final Fantasy 16 Weird Timed Exclusivity Deal

Hello all you legends. So I was looking at the TGA announcement for Final Fantasy 16 and it said six month console and PC exclusive. Which by that standard it coming to Xbox in 2024. Unless it’s another FF7R situation where 16 gets no release on Xbox and Sony lengthens the deal even further which is what happened with Intergrade. Do you think 16 is coming or is it a lost cause of Sony money hatting major Square Enix games basically killing Xbox before they even start?

Personally I would love it to come to Xbox since Yoshi P has constantly said his wants for 14 on the Xbox platform and it’s shocking only six months instead of 12. So what’s your thoughts on this.


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I don’t think it’s coming Xbox, like with FF7R, Sony is more than likely to keep on adding to that time. As to associate the IP with Playstation and only Playstation.

The 6 months is likely to allow it to come to PC earlier, because the PS5 doesn’t get great physical software sales in Japan(also they haven’t sold enough PS5s to make a difference digital wise it seems). Outside of bundles bundles that come with the system, as famitsus weekly sales figures shows.

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It’s Square, I just assume it’s never coming, it’s easier that way

Not too bothered regardless, FF stopped being what I wanted out of FF after X


I think you can abandon the idea of FF16 coming to Xbox.

IMO FFVIIR was a timed exclusive, until the Bethesda Maneuver took all RPGs off the Sony platform. After that Sony doubled down to full exclusivity and this extends to FFXVI. I largely expect them all to bomb now.

Nah, I think it was always going to go down like this regardless of Bethesda acquisition. Playstation wants Final Fantasy to be associated with Playstation, so they’re paying for this exclusivity. They’re also screwing over PC gamers with this exclusivity.


I don’t expect FF16 reaching even FF15 level much less FF7R (on PS). FF brand (outside of MMO) does not grow and even in decline and MMO does not bring sales to the mainline franchises as it is a different type of community.

What saves FF is that there is no other big JRPG like that. Otherwise FF would decline fast.


Nor I.

FFXV did 5 million at launch and 6 million in a month.

FFVIIR did 3.5 million at launch and 5 million after 4 months.

Now we’re taking away the PS4 install base I expect 16 to have the worst launch of any mainline FF since I don’t know when.

Square making these timed exclusive deals for the franchise has hurt the brand imo. LIke cool you got those early Playstation sales, but they didn’t make that much sales back on PC market by taking epic deal and releasing too late on steam for people to care. I don’t understand these shortsighted moves for the franchise because I don’t think taking Sony’s money is worth losing a good amount of sales by skipping PC


I think I heard the port wasn’t great, and wasn’t it one of the first PC games at 70 USD? Correct me if I’m wrong :smiley:


Lol yeah it was one of the first games to be priced at $70. Square really doesn’t know how to handle their major ip and is lucky ff14 is a hit

I think that, not only is the exclusivity period up on FF7R, but we’re gonna see that game on Switch 2, possibly even as a “it runs Skyrim” moment they did with Switch 1, lol.

16 has way more of a chance than 7R. 7r was hugely funded by sony. 16 is simply a monethat. 16 would exist even without sony.

Lets see what happens with KH4. Disney wont allow shitty deals for that. Just like KH3. And KH3 had more of a reason to be timed exclusive.

I think well get to a posiitin where SE will be forced to not make these shitty deals

Its things like this that makes me glad babylons fall failed. That was another SE/sony project.

Forspoken looks to be terrible as well

We still don’t have FF14 after what? 6-7 plus years now, we might aswell forget about that one lol

FF7R is being moneyhat to no end, by the time it comes? if it do come, we looking at 2-3 years after launch. Who the hell moneyhat for that long? might as well make it a full console exclusive at that point.

FF16 is probably in the same boat as FF7R, being moneyhat to no end lol

Sony is doing long ass moneyhats lately, Forespoken is being moneyhat for 2 years. Even games that flop like Babylon Falls is being Moneyhat for 1 year. it sickening.

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Are the latest FF games any good? Personally I don’t miss them, but it used to be a really big series. FF7 was a real system seller back in the day.

I don’t see that as being as big of a deal next time with things like the Steam Deck out there

13 is ok at best. 15 is trash. 16 looks like a straight up action game. But i think it will be better than 15

The big difference is that Steam Deck and other PC tablet things aren’t mainstream and will never have advertising like a Nintendo product will have. For the average Joe it will be a “wow” moment.

Luckily forspoken looks meh. Complete downgrade from early footage. It’s clear they were showing some pc gameplay or something.

Depends who you ask I guess, most people hated 13, most seem to like or love 14 but it’s an MMO

15 was quite divisive, not as hated as 13 but wasn’t very loved either

For me, the series stopped being the peak of the genre after X and declined massively

Doing xbox a favour with these 2 moneyhats I reckon

I think there’s enough crossover with the steamdeck and the audience of FF7 that a large number of people won’t be particularly impressed

Bigger games coming to handheld platforms will become more common over the years anyway, whether its through resolution techniques or just streaming becoming more popular