FIFA 22 officially announced; reveal trailer dropping tomorrow

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EA Sports has officially announced FIFA 22, the next iteration of the hugely popular football franchise. The company also confirmed that Paris Saint-Germain’s wonderkid Kylian Mbappé will once again be the game’s cover star.

![](upload://saLZpOh51ND2YvbPwhoyqM9UtBa.jpeg)Last-gen cover art
![](upload://xOLheVIlg4khNLFpxxIWRfSOznm.jpeg)Next-gen cover art
![](upload://gT7W9JvCf2ZuTWPL9uRjBYZKF1p.jpeg)Ultimate Edition cover art

The official reveal trailer is scheduled to go live tomorrow at 10:30 AM EST. A next-gen gameplay trailer is also scheduled to be shown on July 20th as part of a Spotlight Series leading to the publisher’s EA Play event on the 22nd.


Is that the actual cover art? They literally didn’t even try this time.

Still having Mbappe in after that penalty… ouch. They should have HARRY KANE instead.

Fifa 22…aka same game with a different paint job.

I wonder if preview packs are a permanent thing for 22. Call me skeptical.

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Damn shame they gonna have to update that cover art when Kylian comes to Madrid in August.

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Can’t wait for the ‘It’s coming home edition’ with Sterling on the cover

There’s a FIFA game this year too? WOW! Did not see that coming.

Also, great choice for a cover with the guy who failed France out of the Euros.

I remember in Madden they had to do that when Brett Favre got traded.

Did it with Ronaldo 3 years ago. Originally revealed in the Madrid jersey but he was in Juve by the time the game released.


PES demo was terrible. FIFA will likely be more of the same. I wanted a 2k football game.

VIRTUAL STRIKER 5 :slight_smile:


Recently picked up Fifa 21 for 10 euros in a local supermarket. Won’t need a new Fifa game until 2026.

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:innocent: thanks

As always, I’ll be be preordering the game. I like football too much and this is my most played game every year, so I always make my money worth. I’ve played more than 300 hours of FIFA 21 when combining both Xbox One and Series X versions!

I’ve played both PES 2020 and 2021 when they hit Game Pass, but my God, what an awful game…

I’m kind of glad I’m all digital now since FIFA covers have reached a whole other level of shittiness.

If they keep the Preview Packs for FIFA 22 I might give Ultimate Team another try next year. I dropped it for Online Seasons after noticing I was raging a lot. :sweat_smile:

The price hike to $70 and lack of Smart Delivery is awful, though.

maybe, just maybe

More rehashed shit. I wonder if they’ll copy paste the 2018 version for switch or maybe work a bit and port 2019 version and slap on a 60 bucks price tag.

Fifa was once good back on 360. Iance it’s been CTRL C and CTRL V with incredibly lazy changes. Madden is worse.

Best fifa game and one of the best football games of all time was 2010 fifa world cup south Africa.

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Fifa should be a GaaS with a ten year plan. It’s the perfect fit for this Model.

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I’m reading a lot of comments saying that it will be more of the same but it sounds like it’s using completely new animation technology.

Wouldn’t that changed the game drastically?

I’ve always thought that sports games needed to adopt naturalmotion tech into their games.

I didn’t play career mode for 21, and played mainly pro clubs. I think I am going to play career mode heavy in this one, and might try seasons since I got pretty bored of FUT or too lazy to grind it.

I really wish the draft champions mode or whatever it’s called in Fifa wasn’t locked behind a paywall because I would love to play that