FIFA 21 |OT| Football is back!

Yeah, going straight into FUT Rivals this year might be a bit suicidal. I played the qualification matches against under-80-rated teams because I played in the first few hours. But then I was placed in Division 3 and got my ass kicked everytime with those through balls. At one point I had like 6 wins and 13 losses (in FIFA 20 I had 280 wins in Online Seasons and 37 losses).

But after a few games I started to get the hanging of defense. I’m playing with Ruben Neves and João Moutinho (no pace at all!) in my midfield because of the objectives, with Alderweireld and Thiago Silva at the back (no pace again!). I’m constantly playing against Carrasco, João Felix and Vinicius Jr., and yet I’ve been able to defend quite well.

Try playing Squad Battles in FUT before heading into FUT Rivals. Also do some SBC in the Web/Phone App to grab some free packs without wasting the trial time.

When does these usually hit EA Play? I might check it out then, football games are super-ultra-mega-casual games for me. Unless it’s a manager game, those I can get lost in…

FIFA usually takes some time to hit EA Play. FIFA 19 joined the catalogue in July. FIFA 20 in May.

FIFA 18 took the longest because of the free World Cup DLC: joined the catalogue in September.

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Aight, thanks!

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Btw, is it only for me or are loading times SIGNIFICANTLY smaller? I’m playing offline Squad Battles and I can’t even see what is the opponent’s squad since it only blinks and the match starts.

I can’t even imagine how it will be on next-gen!

I completed the Flashback Era Witsel SBC today. The only SBC card I’m missing so far is POTM Ansu Fati, but I have the whole month to complete it.

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Here’s a goal I scored on FUT today :slight_smile:

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This game is atrocious even compared to fifa 20. Another 53 dollars down the drain sadly.

Last post 16th October

Wipes sweat

Inspired by Microtransactions.

Hopefully just 3-4 months for this to come onto game pass. I skipped this edition in favour for Valhalla and Cyberpunk.

It’s been so heavily discounted that I kind of regret getting it at launch

Same. Got so mad that I uninstalled and havent played in over a month.

Next year Id rather wait a month and snag for $40. Im interested in Immortals Fenyx Rising but I know if I wait a month or two I can snag it for super cheap.

I mean, I played for 115 hours since launch – so I had my money well worth it! But I’m not playing as much as before because my career mode save won’t transfer between generations, and seeing this heavily discounted while I sit here waiting for the next-gen version is a kick in the nuts.

And yes, the same about Immortals! I wanted to grab it at launch. But I also got Watch Dogs Legion at launch and it is already discounted. So screw it, I’m going to wait on Immortals.

Got luck with Watch Dogs and bought it for $30.

Can’t wait to see pre-game shots like this!

Players coming into the pitch accompanied by mascots (+ Trent touching the Anfield sign!):

They need to show us gameplay already. It’s weird that NBA2k showed gameplay weeks before next gen launch, and we still haven’t seen gameplay for fifa or madden next gen

I’m honestly more worried about the lack of cross-gen/cross-play. It is already hard enough to find someone on Seasons mode, and I can only imagine how harder it will be on the Series X.

At least the lack of cross-gen makes me believe that the gameplay will be at least slightly different.

Edit: Seriously. Five minutes to find someone. I score three goals in two minutes. The player leaves and I have to wait five more minutes for a match.

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didn’t know seasons was that bad, but I guess most moved over to FUT. I think they need to implement crossplay.

It wasn’t that bad at the start, but since I hit division 1 it got harder to find someone. I always end up finding a match, but it shouldn’t take this long for such a popular game as FIFA.

At the moment there are only 1886 people online playing seasons. When I used to play on the PS4 this number was always higher than 15000.

FUT suffers from the less populated online aswell, since most players are more expensive on Xbox.

I am curious how many people decided to just not buy them after the last few. Hmm. Maybe FIFA will just be starting to die a little which would be good because then they can finally rebuild it from the ground up properly instead of using FIFA 13 assets etc