Fatal Frame: Maiden of Black Water comes to Xbox One and Series X|S later this year

I bought ninja gaiden day 1. That’s 3 games and 1 remake of what is my fav video game of all time in Black. Anyone who says NG isn’t worth 50 is an idiot. Especially in a world where nintendo charges 60 bucks for lazy wii and wii u ports.

NGB and NG2 are ms published games. TN just developed them. MS have control over those games. They probably tool ng2 off to help the trilogy do better. Don’t know.

Fatal frame is a wii u port. Like I said. When a game is digital only. Price becomes far more important. Physical? I’m not bothered. I know for a fact my physical copy of Xuab yuan sword 7 is gonna be rare.

I recently went back to this game and finished it today. I had a great time playing it and I wish I played on normal mode because the game genuinely is piss easy and didn’t really have a challenge, even with combat. Only did it on easy because I thought the game would be really scary lol. The scoring is pretty generous as well so you can upgrade the camera and lenses quite often, even though you have to do it for both Yuri and Ren as they have separate cameras.

I found it annoying moving during combat when using the Camera Obscura, when you want to take it off in combat you press A, not Y which is weird because you press Y to put it on!

The story is decent but I do find it dumb how there’s a certain character you have to find later when it should have been earlier. People seem to hate the amount of backtracking you have to do but I genuinely didn’t mind it at all. Gives me that classic feel. Miu’s VA sounded quite older than a 17 year old, it’s funny how Miku sounds younger than her in this game lol. Some of the endings were really sad and it got me a little emotional, I won’t go into detail because of spoilers. Ayane’s chapter was also a nice touch but it really should have been longer though, felt very rushed especially during the last 2 threads. I also would have preferred if they explained more with her being able to use the Spirit Stone Flashlight.

I did really hate how they ruined Miku. Why bring her back just to say she had a child with her ghost brother?? Her story wrapped up perfectly in FF3. Should have left it at that.

I’m really happy KT gave this game and the Ninja Gaiden trilogy a second chance. The FF5 remaster has sold over 340,000 copies. Either it’s now the best selling entry in the series, or it’s on it’s way for that. Hopefully future entries will stay multiplatform, ever since it went Nintendo exclusive each entry had it’s own curse. Like 4 not being localised, 2 remake being released in Europe but not in North America and then the localised Wii U version of 5 got a digital release, and the only physical release was a really expensive limited edition. Can’t blame KT for that as Nintendo were the publishers.

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