Fatal Frame: Maiden of Black Water comes to Xbox One and Series X|S later this year

Originally published at: https://xboxera.com/2021/06/15/fatal-frame-maiden-of-black-water-comes-to-xbox-one-and-series-xs-later-this-year/

Koei Tecmo has announced today that Fatal Frame: Maiden of Black Water is coming to Xbox One and Xbox Series X|S later this year. This is the first game in the japanese horror-adventure series to be released on Xbox since 2003’s Crimson Butterfly.

FATAL FRAME: Maiden of Black Water takes players to the eerie Mt. Hikami, a sacred location haunted by bizarre and unfortunate occurrences – and a place where the water is believed to be housed by vengeful spirits. Through the eyes of Yuri Kozukata, Ren Hojo, and Miu Hinasaki, they will rely on just a flashlight and a unique camera – the Camera Obscura – with the ability to take pictures of ghosts, as they explore the mountain to find those who have disappeared. Will players be able to repel the deadly ghosts and uncover the mysteries surrounding Mt. Hikami?

Maiden of Black Water is an enhanced version of 2014’s Wii U release of the same name and includes upgraded visuals, new costumes and an all-new photo mode.


Ah, we both made a thread… Just let mine die please, lol :woozy_face:

Anyway, like I said in my thread, Koei Tecmo semi-increasing Xbox support it seems? The new Final Fantasy Origin and this being on Xbox is very unexpected from them.

I played Fatal Frame 1 and 2 on my OG Xbox last Halloween and enjoyed them.


Those were on Xbox? Oh shit, maybe they’ll become BC in the future.

PS2 and OG Xbox. The OG Xbox versions of Fatal Frame 1 and 2 are actually enhanced ports that came later that have STILL exclusive enhanced graphics, modes, features, costumes, etc. OG Xbox versions of them are still the best way to play, so them being BC would be awesome.

Yep. They have extra content from the PlayStation versions as well.

They’re BC on the 360 as well. But for some dumb reason the first game isn’t BC in Europe.

The first two games becoming backwards compatible would be especially awesome because of that 4K resolution

The OG Xbox copies also fetch a heavy price, so them being digitally available would make that exclusive content more accessible.

Koei Tecmo increasing Xbox support is the best news from Japan of this E3.


Luckily I have my copies. Honestly all of them are pretty expensive, the Wii U version of 5 was a limited edition so that doesn’t help either. 3 on PS2 is also super rare, good luck to anyone trying to find that.

Here’s the European version of the trailer btw.

The logo is so much better than the American version, hope the Xbox version will still be called Project Zero here in Europe.

Oh I wonder if they’ll keep the Zelda and Zero Suit Samus costumes in all versions, or just Switch or get rid of them both.

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What do you think. Of course zelda and Samus suits won’t be in the Xbox and ps versions.

any idea on price?

I’m guessing $30-40.

I guess so but weirder things have happened, like this game being on all platforms now, as Nintendo have publishing rights to this game along with Koei Tecmo.

Nintendo don’t have publishing rights anymore. And I’m guessing contractual obligations are over.

Nintendo clearly didn’t think it was worth paying for a longer exclusive rights.

Good for everyone. Hopefully Nintendo do the same for Bayonetta and Astral chain so we can play those games at a decent fps and resolution.

If this was switch exclusive. 60. Since it’s not. 40 most likely.

It was $50 on the Wii U.

Actually it turns out Astral Chain is fully owned by Nintendo now so it seems very unlikely it will get ported anywhere else. Before the IP used to be owned by both Nintendo and Platinum, but that changed after Nintendo sold the The Wonderful 101 IP to Platinum.

Bayonetta 2 would be great but Sega would have to do something about that and I’m not sure they care about the series.

As for pricing FF5 is most likely gonna cost more or less the same as the Ninja Gaiden collection.

New trailer with new stuff!

Release date is 28th of October, for some reason they showed the Switch version. New costumes included, also we get a Ryza early purchase bonus costume!

The Zero Suit Samus and Princess Zelda costumes from the Wii U version are not included in this version though.

More info at their official site: PROJECT ZERO: MAIDEN OF BLACK WATER Official Website

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The Ryza costume makes me wish we had the Atelier games on Xbox lol. I played Ryza 1 and 2 on Switch. They were decent little 20 hour JRPGs.