Fatal Frame: Maiden of Black Water comes to Xbox One and Series X|S later this year

They’re really leaning hard into the waifu stuff with this release huh. Well let’s see what that Ryza costume looks like. :slight_smile: I grabbed the first Ryza game on PS4 in a recent sale, haven’t tried it out yet though.

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I haven’t played Ryza either but I do have it along with 2. I played Lydie which was decent but the ambitions really sucked.

The Ryza costume will probably be for free for a couple of weeks and then they’ll remove it. You won’t even need to own the game. I’m assuming this because they always do this with the Atelier games lol.

There’s also a 20th anniversary celebration DLC which is included in the deluxe edition. It has a digital artbook and throwback costumes. Yuri has Mio and Rei costumes. Miu has 2 Miku costumes and a Mayu costumes. And Ren has a Kei costume. They seem to be ignoring Fatal Frame 4 and the 2 Wii remake in the artbook though, I guess cuz Nintendo?

The box art looks a bit crap imo, the original was so much better. Hope we can pre-order this soon.

I wish they’d either remaster the old games or at least let 1 and 2 be backwards compatible

I played the original when i was like 13 but wasn’t able to play past the first 10 minutes or so because I was too scared lol

The Ryza costume was revealed along with some others. As usual with Fatal Frame you won’t be able to use any of them until NG+.

Closest thing to Atelier Ryza on Xbox, I guess, lol.

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Just a heads up since this is releasing in a few days and if you want the pre-order bonuses (camera hat and witch hat) then you’ll need to pre-order by the 27th.


Standard FATAL FRAME: Maiden of Black Water | Xbox

Deluxe FATAL FRAME: Maiden of Black Water Digital Deluxe Edition | Xbox



Deluxe PROJECT ZERO: Maiden of Black Water Digital Deluxe Edition | Xbox

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No physical for xbox sucks. Is it worth jt? The wii u reviews were awful.

I bit the bullet. I played FF3 on my PS3 earlier this month and enjoyed it a lot, plus played FF1 and 2 on my OG Xbox last year and enjoyed them, so the series hasn’t let me down yet… Plus time was running out to get Ryza :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes: Closest thing we’ll have to Atelier on Xbox… for now.


Only physical for Japan and Asia, and even then it’s the PS4 and Switch versions. Just like the Ninja Gaiden collection. I wish we got a western physical release too but oh well.

Nice didn’t know there was pre-loading. I’ll do it later today when I get home. Yeah who knows if they’ll sell the pre-order and early purchase bonuses again later, they rarely do. They added the Ryza 1 early purchase bonus back again over a year later after the game was released lol.

I checked the past costumes on the store page and I assumed we’d be getting Miki’s FF3 outfit but unfortunately we are not. They added both the Japanese and Western outfits from FF1 though.

Why do the characters look so lewd?

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DoA5 engine lol

Yeah I know that’s why I said no physical for Xbox. Its physical for asia but I have 0 interest in buying for other systems.

You must be new to KOEI tecmo games.

Astral Chain is a legit good game that would be 10x better with higher res and 60FPS.

Astral Chain is a mediocre game that only has good art direction and hype coming off Nier Automata. Aside from that it has a mediocre convoluted story, combat and characters but hey its a switch game so it sold a lot.

Its laugable that AC has a near identical MC to Automata lol.

The switch exclusive tax added on. And by good game I mean good. Not great. But if it was on more powerful hardware combat would feel better. Story is bad and so is the pacing and mission structure.

Anyone played this yet?

Watched the trailer for this and, having not heard of the series before, had the reaction of “what the heck…?”

A lonely mountain road, thick fog, hard rain, and a crying ghost… Awesome atmosphere going on in this part


I’m not buying this at 50 bucks tbh, not Digital. At physical? I’d probably bite because a physical xbox version for this game would probably be 100 bucks in 5 years time.

My cousin still has a sealed copy of Fatal Frame 2 crimson butterfly for Xbox which is worth well over 200 for a sealed copy. Atmosphere and characters seem ok but the gameplay looks terrible. Like a old school Blockbuster Rental. Hopefully we get this on Gamepass but I don’t think I’ve ever seen a KOEI Tecmo game on Gamepass before so who knows. I might give it a go at 15 bucks.

Yeah that’s fair enough, I think the price is a bit too high as well especially for the deluxe. Even the Nina Gaiden deluxe wasn’t that much, plus it had a pre-order discount on Xbox. I would have bought a physical copy too, smh after 3 KT never cared much for the series, and Nintendo too.

I played a bit so far, the game is mission focused so it encourages a lot of replayability. The graphics look fine considering it’s a 2014 game, unfortunately the controls are a little stiff and clunky and you can’t rotate the camera properly it’s always stuck to the back of the character unless you’re walking downwards. I also am not a fan of the very limited time you have to take pictures of ghosts because they disappear so fast. The combat is fine though, nothing too difficult and whilst it is mission based there’s a lot of exploring involved. The atmosphere and sound is top notch and sells the horror well imo.

You can’t change costumes right off the bat though. You can do that in Drop 2. And even then you have to have photo points to buy the non DLC costumes which sucks. Other than that I’m enjoying the game, happy it’s getting a second life after being stuck on the Wii U.

Damn is your cousin gonna sell their copy later? I don’t any sealed games lol. Yeah I hope it comes to Gamepass as well, but actually Ninja Gaiden Black was on Gamepass when it was made backwards compatible, Ninja Gaiden 2 was on it as well and left the service earlier this year.