Fallout Season One | Review


Just watched the video review then read through - this sounds awesome, thanks for this, avoiding spoilers while still building my interest.

I’m glad it’s kept some of the humour - The Last of Us for example takes itself far too seriously and becomes too heavy at times due to it, whereas what I love about Fallout and Bethesda’s other work is one minute you’re sadly reflecting on a note you’ve found, two minutes later you’re laughing at Codsworth saying / doing something silly or an enemy dying in a funny way.

Looks and sounds really good too - Halo did suffer a bit from the budget (series 2 feels like a big upgrade although that might just be more focused writing and keeping the budget for the big scenes) but this looks much more high-end and I agree, it looks like you’re playing Fallout 9 in a decade or two…

Can’t wait for tomorrow! :smiley:


Can’t wait!!

I’m not sure if your able to answer this @Doncabesa but how does it work with getting early access to TV shows? Do they send you a custom link? Just intrigued more so than anything.

I’ll be refreshing my Prime app at midnight to see if it appears! :+1:t2:

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They have a screener site that’s locked to your browser/ip/phone etc. All highly secure and unshareable.

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Ah thanks I was just very intrigued how they do it.

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Xbox sure got TV section locked well this year.


It does sound damned good.

I’m not gonna rush through this, just watch the pilot first today.

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This sounds awesome.

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I smell fire and hear some kind of sharp object…



I can imagine sales and player count going up if it did wonder to Cyberpunk.




I’m really glad my faith was in the right place, good showrunner pedigree does that. Excited to get through it all.

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Glad it is reviewing well, Halo season 2 also seemed to get better reception then season 1, myself I liked season 1 better but I’m only on episode 5 of Halo season 2. Lord knows Xbox needs some good media perception

This sounds awesome. Glad it seems to have the Fallout vibe like the games.

Fallout season one looks expensive as hell, too. Sneaking in before Jeff Bezos got upset at the TV department for using his Penis Rocket money up the set design is excellent.


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Nice review Jesse, I’m glad it lived up to your expectations. I look forward to getting stuck into this tomorrow.

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Hmm, it was supposed to be a day early on Prime, right? It’s not here just yet.

The praise real, damn. I bet after watching it the hunger for a proper new game will only get worse, lol.


I think it’s 03.00 our time.

Aaah, yes. Well then I’ll watch it tomorrow. Only for certain games do I stay up that late and I can’t even remember what the last game was.

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I thought The Last of Us (TV Series) was good, not great. Particularly if you had played through the game.
Still good mind you, I just think the game did all of it better.

Fallout looked like a blast from the first teaser. (Fallout is also easily in my top five game franchises of all time)