Fallout New Vegas 2 is in "very early talks", according to Jeff Grubb and VGC


God please yes yes yes some good news

It’d be years away but just the thought of it being made and by Obsidian :sob:



In early talks, so that can go anywhere still or is this usually where a development is pretty much guaranteed?

Please be true !!!

Still internal talks. Seems like not a pitch yet. But something all parties should want to make a reality.


Obsidian does want to release a new game every year, starting with Grounded this year or perhaps that Sawyer game. If we can guess, maybe it can arrive in 2025. It’s just a guess. In any case, this is very interesting.

The dream

Godd probably needs some convincing. I recall a long time ago BGS saying they would be the only ones doing Fallout. Unless that was a mistranslation or something. But this wouldn’t be mainline, so why be against it?

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Yeah probably about mainline series, plus Obsidian aren’t just some other studio…

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It could be announced in development this E3 I guess…

BS is releasing the game this year so makes sense to announce what could be there next thing

It’s almost not worth bringing this up because we know it’s not going to come before whatever BGS’s next Fallout is and that’s probably 10 years away.

True, but they did say that after NV released.

Also, NV2? So we’re going back there. I wouldn’t have minded a totally different place.

I’m okay with just a FNV remake will all restored cut contents and graphic/gameplay/NPC/etc updates. Just call it Fallout: Neo Vegas or something…

How about Fallout: Branson Missouri. Andy Williams is missing, and you need to find him in the wasteland.

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There you go for all the people who’ve been screaming (not unjustifiably) about a new, traditional Fallout game. I’m excited obviously, especially since it’s Obsidian in their best form and with the time and budget they’ve long deserved. I’m also far more excited about a sort of sequel instead of it being a remake, and I also hope people leave Josh Sawyer alone on this - he’s long-stated his aversion to working on AAA projects again (understandably so), so let the man enjoy his well-deserved peace (infinitely excited for his team’s project of course).


Gods no! As someone who lived in the hellhole that is Misery and had to be dragged to Branson numerous times, thanks but no thanks.


LOL! I was dragged to Branson on vacation once myself.

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I wonder if it’s just called NV2 for the time being and that it could take place someplace else, or if it’s indeed Las Vegas.

But whatever, more Fallout…always good!!!

I’m hoping that isn’t the case. Maybe Obsidian can start working on it after Avowed.

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