Fallout 76 passes 11 million players, made BGS much better developers in the end / Fallout TV show "moving ahead"

I can only speak to the issues we’ve had, such as Fallout 76. We let people down and were able to learn and be better from it.

We’re fortunate 3 years later to have 76 be one of our most played games, and it’s thanks to the 11 million players who have made it an incredible community.

It’s made us much better developers in the end.

Moving ahead. Really excited to be working with Jonah, Lisa, and Amazon on it.


Good on BGS for sticking with it, fixing it and making it a pretty good Fallout. Its only gotten better so I hope an enhanced patch for it is in the works along with a meaty Expedition in the Pitt.


I hope they spent all the budget on the enhanced patch that would have gone to FPS Boost games

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I regularly play it and I can confirm it is in a good place now.


Is the current player base big or a small dedicated group? Is it possible it can have a FF14 type of comeback?

FF14 is an anomaly but the game has certainly rebounded and has a stable community. Hopefully with xbox funding they can keep putting content on it and properly enhance the game.

The fact we are 3 years in and they are still pumping out free content is all you need to know that the game has a big enough population to be viable.

I have avoided playing this because I don’t even understand what it is? Is it an MMO? PVP, PVE? Is the online optional or integral?

Its an online fallout that you can play solo it just has more survival elements than the traditional games.

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What does the online achieve? Can you like build communities and share bases / resources together or something, or is it passive?

I think it has more active players than it had in 2019 or 2020.

FFXIV has 24 million but it has a permanent free trial (until level 60 I believe) and released in 2013-2014.

TESO released in 2014-2015 and reached 10M in 2017 (19M now).

It’s not a breakout success like Sea of Thieves (20M in 3 years + was best launch for a Rare game despite the underwhelming reviews at launch) but it’s still a great comeback, especially when you consider the utterly disastrous launch of FO76 (I mean, the Metacritic on Xbox One was even in the red territory with 49/100).

That would have killed any game if it hadn’t the Fallout brand to carry it (see Anthem).

The TV show on Amazon could give a great boost depending of when it’s coming and if it delivers.

Although I’m sure that a new Fallout game would have a lot more traction or players. It’s very hard to fully recover from a terrible launch and bad reputation.


It’s more like a traditional single-player Fallout game but in a shared-world (with an almost non-existent PvP now) with players’ homes on the map, events, trading or social interactions.

11 mill after a horrible launch is not bad they really did try and improve it a lot now and it actually a good experience now.

I recently played through the entire campaign and the post-launch DLCs. Really enjoyed my time with it. Finished up around level 79, and will come back for any sizable content drops/events.

As a single-player Fallout game, it’s quite good, and with FPS Boost, very playable. It’s why people often bring up this team as a possible suitor for the next mainline Fallout game.

As a GaaS with an endgame you’re meant to grind and return to…it’s quite lacking. I feel for the people that have been farming nukes to hunt the SBQ for 3 years now. There just isn’t enough quality repeatable content.

The game feels stuck in a weird limbo state where it’s trying to cater to two completely different audiences and neither one is completely happy. Hopefully BGS Austin has a plan going forward, and that Microsoft is giving them the resources to act on that plan.

Only time will tell.


I feel that the current sentiment in the community is that FO76 is run by a skeleton crew, or at least a small team (and that’s mine too in some ways). Doesn’t feel like the ~100 people at BGS Austin are supporting the game.

Of course updates are entirely free and support depends of how many people are buying things in the Atom Shop or paying Fallout 1st but still.

I wouldn’t mind if this was because Fallout 5 pre-production is requiring resources but Todd just said that they only have one-pager at the moment so clearly it’s not that ( :sob: )

Time will tell. We will see how big are Expeditions in 2022 but I really wish that MS would convince BGS to set up a Fallout team or something.

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I played a fair bit at launch and was pretty vocal about the shocking state it was in then, and some of the bone headed decisions that had been made leading up to launch too.

Though I won’t argue against its improvement, it is soooo much better now. I would take umbridge with the phrase “We’re better developers now”, the developers skill, or lack thereof was not my issue with the game at all, almost all of the issues I (and perhaps many others had) was in how Bethesda marketed it, the state it released in and all the surrounding issues with the limited editions, the Atom shop etc etc. Major issues with FO76 had very little to do with the developers “on the ground” and had to do with management decisions.

Perhaps I am reading too much into what was said, and was probably meant as shorthand. However I would rather it had been phrased that they are better “Managers and producers now”. Developers can only work to the breif and with the resources given to them by management, it was management that failed the game, not the individual devs.

Ignore the bitchy one. :stuck_out_tongue:


I need to jump in and try it still. The big problem I had with Fallout 4 (Why are we dilly-dallying around when our child has been kidnapped?!?!?) shouldn’t be an issue here.

Still garbage at launch and I’ll never play it.

Goro I dont get why you need to come to every thread and repeat the same nonsense for everything you dont like. I promise you we dont care really.

Yes we get the game launched in a bad state but your comment really doesnt add anything to the thread.


Just want to say I completely agree with this post.

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