Fallout 4 Next-Gen Update Gets Release Date

Don’t think anyone anticipated the show being as big as it is and having the impact it had.

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Fallout is already a proven video game franchise and it’s a good way to market their systems regardless of how the show was gonna turn out. Leveraging the brand to help push consoles in time for the show would’ve been the easiest decision to make.

Lmao what a ridiculous thing to say. publishing a bundle where the newest game is 8 years old would be unhinged

They are probably holding consoles for COD bundles.

I really hope they fix the new quest items, because I just fought a legendary gunner, who picked up one of the new weapons and shot errors at me.

I think Microsoft getting out a remaster of Fallout 3 and New Vegas would sell like crazy.

I’m not sure if it is possible or not, but I do remember Obsidian saying they had DLC that they wanted to bring out, but never did, so maybe they could bring it out for the remaster.

Embracer did just that with Kingdoms of Amalur, brought out the unfinished DLC and that little bit would even sell New Vegas to people that have already played it.

The glitch that allows Ada to pick up an infinite amount of items from the floor, makes her the best companion.

The Atmosphere in Diamond City during a rad storm looks great.

Also, one of the new weapons maybe visible, although I think that’s only because it some how glitches into another pipe gun model. I need see an actual model to be sure.

To be fair, DF did do a full analysis on it.

And there are some weird differences. I personally do not care about any of them. I dont play games for marginally better bushes or whatever.

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It maybe just game play, but the as I keep leveling and running around the Commonwealth. I noticed that that Brotherhood of Steel is a pretty weak faction when compared to Raiders, Super Mutants and Gunners.

Obviously it’s because the enemies keep getting stronger to keep up with me(in Dunwich quarry, there was nothing but Raider Survivalist and 2 Raider Veterans). But the Brotherhood isn’t getting stronger and a lot fights are becoming a struggle for them.

That’s definitely an issue. Vertibrids I think should be their strongest weapon, but are somehow super weak. Same with power armor.

I don’t know, the Vertibirds are kind of sitting ducks because they can’t really manuver too fast. Throw in the incredible range that all the weapons have and they’re better for hit and run strategy while dropping off power armored soldiers.

Power Armor is great, but the npcs seem to treated it as though they’re invincible and just stand and take it more often than not. If they fought more like they do normally, I think they would last longer in a fight.

Using the new update, I’m going to try the prioritize visual with 60fps.

Edit: So far it feels good to play, I think the game is holding on to good enough fps so far and if it’s falling anywhere it’s likely happening vrr is picking up the slack. But then again I haven’t been to the city yet because I was running helping and building settlements.

Edit2: Currently running around Boston, fog all across the city in the middle of the day and there’s a noticeable hitch with the fps. As I fight my way through raiders, Gunners, mirelurks, super Mutants, wild dogs, and mexhanis robots. But it doesn’t yet feel bad to play.

Weather in Bethesda games is always so heavy, I couldn’t see the Vertibird right in front of me.

The weather isn’t letting up.

The new weapons have been fixed!