Fable Predictions and Discussion Thread

I expect Fable and avowed to launch within a year of each other, fable likely coming after Avowed. It’s possible one launches Fall 2022 and the other Spring 2023

I expect Fable to be far more ambitious than just another fantasy RPG. I expect innovative ways to make a game with a single player campaign become a platform. It will have a stand along game that can be played off line however I expect some tie-ins to the cloud. Dynamic, evolving world due to updates. Dynamic NPCs who’s AI will be more reactive to the changes in the world due to cloud. It will have some parts of the game that can be played as a share world experience. World simulations based on your actions using predictive machine learning.

I’m saying all this because I know this type of stuff is being experimented on within the industry. I would be surprised if Microsoft doesn’t have at least one game in development trying to lead the way and sell the benefits of Xcloud as it relates to game design and creating user experiences not possible locally. Unlike Crackdown’s physics, cloud AI isn’t latency sensitive so all this could work taking advantage of APUs in Azure with ML capabilities.

Of all Microsoft’s games, Fable seems like the most likely candidate. I believe those MMO rumors were born off of people misinterpreting what’s going on with it.

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It is likely a more expansive version of the social stuff they tried with Forza and Fable 2. I imagine huh world or shared word stuff like Destiny but without the need to play co-op.

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Yeah this is probably the game I’m most looking forward to at the moment to be honest.

I wonder when we’ll get the next bit of information about it. If I was guessing - I don’t think we’ll hear anything until around E3 next year.

I honestly hope the game is nothing like horizon( racer) or the old fable. Please just be its own concept something we never seen

The one issue I can see with a shared world experience is it may make it impossible for the world to react to the players actions, if world reactions are planned to be in the game. Fable has always been marketed to be a game about consequences but these consequences have generally been skin deep, mainly effecting how the players look. With the power of next gen consoles, they might have the a ability to have a truly reactionary world but I’m not sure how that would work in a shared experience with other players.

I wonder if they’ll try to implement the dynamic seasons that Playground put into FH4 into this.

Or maybe each location will be it’s own kind of biome.

nvm i found out what project missouri was

A small, non-violent RPG (possibly isometric) from Josh Sawyer and a few others.

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I agree with you there. I don’t believe it’ll be a full shared world game. Just suggested some ideas of how it could have more advanced community features. Previous Fables already had co-op. Dark Souls also had unique ways to bring players into each other world including invasions. State of Decay 2 allows you to drop into your friends world and play along. I could see Playground do something unique or take those ideas further.

Either way, I have no idea of the details. I just believe it’s going to be a more dynamic game with more robust continuous support than we’re used to for RPGs.

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I’m hoping that Fable is like The Witcher III to be honest. It can have the humor and jokes but not that toilet humor or a fart button. Like, come on. I want a more adult oriented theme and story in the fantasy world of Fable.

No interest in co-op but don’t have a problem with it being in the game as long as it’s not required for any of the quests and activities.


Yeah, I’d prefer it to have more subtle, deadpan humor, instead of middle school or three stooges humor

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I really hope we get to see some gameplay for this this year or early next year. If the game is two years away, there’s no problem getting a peek now. God of War 2018 is still possibly the best game reveal in recent memory. It was shown at E3 2016, many were expecting it but many didn’t see it coming either, and it wasn’t just some trailer, we got a cut scene with Kratos being shown towards the end, which tbh could have been enough, but when it transitioned into gameplay, that was an instant win. All of this two years before the release and the demo captured almost every single important aspect of the final game in a short 8 minute or so segment, art direction, new Kratos, new setting, new narrative, new combat, and when the game released, it was exactly what was shown and better. We shoulda gotten a similar treatment with Fable I felt, the hype woulda been ringing for the years to come. So I really hope we see some gameplay soon.

Also, anyone know if they’ve revealed who’s working on the music? I saw that list of all the important positions on the project and who’s working as what, but didn’t see music. :thinking:

I pray this will be great. I hope they bring back the simulation aspects from fable 2, things like getting married and starting a family, having a job, eating + drinking etc. Its been a while since ive played fable 2 but I did enjoy accumulating wealth and living a virtual life. The only issue with these systems is that they have no end point, you can just keep doing these things and nothing new happens or changes, GTA5 online somewhat solves this problem by adding new items to buy and new ways of making money keeping the experience somewhat fresh.

mmo + GaaS are some of my favourite games and are the future, a vocal minority think they are just some cash grab and yes in some cases they are right, however gaas style games can solve the biggest issue with games these days. With games like RDR2, Tlou2, uncharted etc etc is that you play a massive amazing single player story and then it ends and you have to wait several years for the next installment games like fortnite, gta online, warzone, sea of thieves some what solve this problem these games never end, they keep adding content and changing the game world which keeps the game interesting.

I think this philosophy can be expanded to different types of games especially with the power of next gen, single player worlds like fable can grow with age, disasters can happen which are not just part of simulated system like weather which gets tedious over time, but things devs add, e.g in playgrounds fable they could add a plague or flood or something and you the player has to solve the issue.

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I hope it takes a very similar route too witcher 3 , massive open world , important side quests, great combat, lots of British humor, I hope they import the weather system from forza horizon games, just let me run wild where I want when I want.

I’m not too worried/interested about them nailing the “rpg” part be it combat, mechanics or quests despite that not being where their expertise would supposedly be. My current interest is how much they nail the “Sim” elements especially coming from Forza Horizon(or at least some of the team does), where they have with every game kinda upped the elements involving the non-racing parts. The “Sim” elements were the parts that made Fable stand out and the parts I most wanna see them nail or expand on. My other interest/concern is that I hope they go with an era closer to Fable 2 or even Fable 1 than with Fable 3’s start of the industrial era.

I wanna see more stuff like in Fable 2 where your choices early in the game as a kid literally changed the entire story arc and setting for certain towns/cities. I wanna see more of that in rpg’s. I wanna see seasons come and go too (something else Fable 2 did and I wonder if Playground is gonna do that given what they pulled off in Horizon 4. So my prediction there is that it will have seasons and that those will affect gameplay decisions. Also think they will let you buy houses and do jobs and run businesses like before and that there will be online co-op like in Fable 2. Maybe even a shared world concept a la SoT in some ways.

I also wanna see the story be a lot more interesting this time around. Loved the previous games but the stories never grabbed me.

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I definitely can see them having seasons, for the reasoning you mentioned. Would love that,was something that really excited me about Playground working on the game. And yeah, I think the likelihood of being able to buy houses and do jobs is very high.

Also definitely interested in more / improved story. I’m hoping to see them add extra story quests over time, sort of like how FH4 got extra story things like the top gear, British racer, movie stunt driver and several other challenges added gradually since it came out. Not sure what they would do for weeklies other than maybe beat some quest fully, and kick so many chickens and maybe find this particular gargoyle / gnome.

I kind of wanted a darker serious take on the game but I know the initial game had British humor. I just hope they’re able to tread that line well. I never felt like the original games had amazing stories so I’m hoping this new one can have a great story.

I know they’ve been working on this for a while, hopefully we can see the gameplay before the end of the year. I figure with Halo being delayed, I can imagine this game being a spring 2022 game hopefully.

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