Fable Predictions and Discussion Thread



It is safe to say that the Fable reboot is being worked on by a lot of talent, especially talent familiar with third person action games. What do you think about Playground working on Fable? Are they the right team to do it? What do you want to see them do with the series? Post all your thoughts below!


I wonder how many people from the Forza team left to the RPG team. It also explains why we haven’t seen a Forza Horizon 5 yet. Both Forza games are getting more times, with updating ForzaTech and Playground Games making the transition to a two team studio.


I think they are two separate teams for the most part, but Ralph Fulton is having to juggle being the head of both teams (presumably).

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The names are there, hopefully the game will deliver :slight_smile:

Of course the game will deliver. It’s Playground, I have total faith in them. :smiley:


A few things I really want from a new Fable

Forza Horizon style social gaming where I can see the outline or “ghost” of other players in my game, an expanded version of the orbs from Fable 2

Expanded Morality system. Give me hardcore stats for Good/Evil. Let my decisions completely change the outcome of the story and how people react to me.

Improved combat. I’m sure this will happen, but the combat in Fable was never great. I am hoping for a really good combat system, make the melee combat feel great.

Highly customizable characters. In Fable you have traditionally been given a pre-set of two characters. Let me have a full character customization screen and let me start off with various stats, backgrounds, perks etc.

Huge open world. Fable has always been wide-linear, where there are several interconnected large areas. Playgrounds Fable should easily be one continuous world with no loading screens.


I do hope they keep at least the spirit of the old exp system in place. The whole use melee to get better at melee stuff.

I do expect the world to be fully open world, but I’m not sure how much of a collectathon they’re going to make it.


I hope the combat has more depth than what we’ve seen in the series. I’m not expecting Ninja Gaiden-level of depth but more than we got in Fable 3. Also hope for a more organic leveling system, similar to what Soulblazer describes. In Fable 3, you just earn XP points and use them to open chests to acquire new skills and abilities. Wasn’t very satisfying.

Thankfully the comedy seems to be in there based on the trailer alone. The world also seems to have more of a fantasy theme, with the giant mushrooms and fairies, so it’ll be interesting to see that presented in the real game. My one big hope is the quests are more in line with what we saw in Witcher 3. That game is the standard for great quest design imo and no one even attempts to follow in their footsteps. The quests in other games like Skyrim and Mass Effect Andromeda were boring in comparison.

I have no doubt that the game will look absolutely amazing, even if Fable carries the tradition of having exaggerated character designs. It’ll be interesting to see what engine they’ll use. If I had to guess, it will be UE5. We know they were looking for people with experience in UE4 and with the project being a ways out, that experience should transfer over to UE5 for better results. I know there’s also the Forza tech engine but I doubt that engine has the support for features like facial animation rigging like UE5 surely will. They may run into similar issues that Bioware experienced with Frostbite, trying to bend an engine for a genre it’s not created for.

With the magical cat finally out of the bag, I wonder if we’ll get our first glimpse of the actual game next year. If not, they may have announced it too early.

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Definitely next year, I am hoping we get a surprise at X02020 with maybe an in engine trailer

Unfortunately with everything going on in the world, that may be too soon to see anything in engine. Thinking about it more now, I’m not even sure we’ll see anything in-engine next year. If they stick with UE4, there’s a chance. However if they make the switch to UE5, and I think they should, we probably won’t see anything until 2022. UE5 isn’t set to release until late next year with the beta starting in the spring. I don’t see them transferring their work and implementing further improvements to take advantage of UE5 by summer of 2020.

Does make me wonder what the planned release date is because this game can be a LONG ways out.

There’s no way they wait another 2 years to show anything that would be insane. We already saw HellBlade 2 in engine using UE5. The game will be out by the end of 2022 or early 2023.

Yeah, we’ll see in-engine stuff within 12 months I bet.

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Pretty sure Hellblade was in UE4. I see people using the Unreal fest presentation as confirmation that the demo was in UE5 but in context of that presentation they speak about both UE4 and only mention features that will be available in the future with UE5. Plus, if it was UE5, the first look at UE5 wouldn’t have really been a first look =p edit: looking into it more HB2 was definitely on UE4.

I hope I’m wrong on how long we’ll wait though. If anything I guess we can see something at gamescom next year. With that being held in Europe, Fable may be more fitting for that conference.

Next E3

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Playground have earned the benefit of the doubt for making a great game regardless of genre imo.

I expect something along the lines of 2. Co-op and maybe with some jump in stuff a la Dark Souls? Or like Drivatars in Forza sprinkled in?

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No way in hell we get gameplay next year. Anyone thinking this is coming next year is just delusional (looking at you @zedox :p). The game is '23 at the earliest. I won’t be surprised if it’s Holiday that year. We’ll get gameplay the year before its release, so 2 years from now. This was just to shut everyone up and put the non-secret, secret, out there. That’s my take anyways. :smiley:


I think at max it will come out by my 2022.

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I hope you’re right, but I don’t think you will be sadly. :stuck_out_tongue:

It all depends on Covid, but I think we will see gameplay or at least in engine next year. I think from there the plan is for a yearly RPG.

2021 Project Missouri? (Should be great but not AAA)

2022 Avowed

2023 Fable

2024 Outer Worlds 2

2025 InXile’s Game

2026 Fable 2

2027 Avowed 2

As for Fable itself, I suspect that the game will be an open world ARPG with living world elements. I think guns are gone (but will be in Avowed). I suspect levelling is back to Fable 2 style.

Full reboot. Guild is back. Hopefully Theresa too.

I suspect the world design, tone, writing and combat will be top notch. That said, to be a bit of a cynic, I suspect high 80s Metacritic like Horizon Zero Dawn as there may be some growing pains. It’s hard to jump feet first into RPG making.

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I guess it all depends on how far along they are with the current build. Clearly they aren’t to the point of showing anything in-engine but I can see us getting something next year with a possible 2022 release. With this being a full reboot, there’s a good chance it’ll be their big holiday title. I would just love to see how it looks now. Don’t care if it looked like Fable 1 on the OG Xbox, I’m just curious to see what concepts they are cooking up. Seeing what PG has brought to the racing genre makes me excited to see what they do with fable. Would enjoy a 2 player co-op mode, especially if it was implemented better than what we saw in Fable 3.