Every Xbox Game Pass Game in 2023

Yeah I just went back to the TGS stream and sure enough, it had the Series X and Xbox One announcement (after a very lengthy trailer) but no GamePass splash screen or logo… saw this misreported elsewhere as well… hopefully it goes the way of Tunic and Xbox closes a gamepass deal closer to release… ExoPrimal was the other big game in that show that did not have a GamePass announcement tied to it. Glad we at least caught the Ni No Kuni and Fuga 2 additions! Hope they have some fun new announcements at that show later this month


Oh man… do we have announcements today. 2nd half January GP drop + all the showcase news. 2023 is looking bright!

Hi-Fi Rush today, Goldeneye on Jan 27, April 18 Minecraft Legends, May 2 Redfall… those are some of the dates we got today… +the 2nd half gamepass drops (Hey Hotwheels is finally coming!)


updating 'em now


We got a bonus date! Fuga 2 got a release date of May 11, 2023. https://twitter.com/Fuga_CC2_en/status/1618443610625609728

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