Every Xbox Game Pass Game in 2023

Great topic Jesse!! I have at least 6 games from that list minimum so looking real good.


I have at least 22 games I will forsure try out haha


Awesome post, Jesse.

Great to get it all in one place like that. I still only have two games I have to play on that list though (Starfield and STALKER 2) and a handful of maybes.


Just got added, updated. What a weird thing to add. 2 and 1/2 year old, terribly reviewed game.

adding more!


Have they been confirmed?

Omg I bought diofield on holiday sale . Need to see if I can get refund

Nope, if they don’t make it ill cut them out.

I also believe Ark 2 was at the Microsoft showcase at E3 to come out in first half of 2023

Square be like:

"We failed. Please help even though we never otherwise support you. "

Weird, I looked it up and they did a GP drop on the 4th of January last year at 6am PST but nothing so far today.

New Year Resolution: wait longer.

I got out of bed to do the news story on it :crying_cat_face: (yes a massively 1st world problem on my end I know :doge: )


Updated with



this game is now on gamepass

Hi Jesse,

This is a really wonderful list, and I appreciate the gargantuan effort that must have gone into making it. I have a few more games from Tokyo Game Show that you might consider adding to it, sadly none of which have concrete release dates:

Ni no Kuni 2: Revenant Kingdom (TBD 2023);

Palworld (TBD 2023) (Day One, New Release); - Edit: Turns out Palworld did NOT have a gamepass announcement tied to its very lengthy trailer

Fuga: Melodies of Steel 2 (TBD 2023) (Day One, New Release)

These are all definitely coming to Console GP, but I believe the 3 of them are also slated for PC GP but could not confirm. They’re listed here on WindowsCentral if you need sourcing but do not want to rewatch the whole Xbox stream at TGS.

Cheers, and thanks again,



DioField Chronicle on Game Pass? Wanted to get this on Switch eventually, but I guess now I won’t have to! :philwins:

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Interested about DioField too. I know there’s a demo but now it isn’t even needed.

Thanks for the reminders! I’ll make sure they’re added to both this and the every game list.

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I can’t find anything stating Palworld is coming to Game Pass, so I’ve pulled it off the list for now

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