Everwild completely rebooted and targets 2024 - Gregg Mayles has taken over the project

So other words, “early development”? This happens to many games early in development while the game is still in the conceptual stages. But it seems this title was announced when MS was desperate for actual next gen game announcements and just needed something.

I think Nintendo fans had it much harder with Metroid Prime 4.

The game got 2 showings in back to back years and they could never say what it was, did, etc. One didnt need a PHD in gaming to figure out that project state wasnt good.

Oh, I agree about this. It’s really strange they’ve shown this in 2019.

And then again in 2020…

Nintendo switched developers with the reboot.

At least we got 2 trailers with art assets for the game lol.

I mean I’m a story and character guy, through and through, but even I know that the core gameplay loop should be locked down even for they start fleshing out the other aspects if you want your game to have any chance of being great.

At least we know what Metroid is. No one even knew what Everwild was. This is Microsoft’s Anthem.

Except, they released Anthem and it was a failure. And they wanted to reboot it afterwards and EA cut that off. At least, it is done in time here.


God does it feel good to have 23 studios. Pre-aquisition, one of Xbox’s release years would have been cut in half with this announcement. Not anymore. Give Rare the time and space they need.


ah well


At least here Microsoft is giving Rare the time to actually fully realise a game rather than Bioware who had only a year pretty much to make Anthem.

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Yeah, you’re right. This is Anthem with cooler heads in charge with balls enough to say “We need to fix this.”

Phil has got to be pissed with these guys. If Sea of Thieves flopped, I’m a firm believer that Rare would have gone the way of Lionhead.

These guys really need to be absorbed into Playground Games.

Frustrated Headache GIF by Kelly Clarkson


Haha wtf.


That was Bioware’s fault that they wasted 6 years of development, dropped a mediocre game, never gave it content or proper updates for 2 years and then prayed that EA would fund a team of 90 developers for Anthem 2.0 lmaoo.


Revert it into a single player game. :wink:

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Literally posted something similar.

Now it’s like “Alright cool whatever, we’ll circle back.”


Talk about a hot take.


Has to be a top ten.