Everwild completely rebooted and targets 2024 - Gregg Mayles has taken over the project


I think Jeff Grubb talked about it yesterday on his day 2 E3 reaction stream.

Anyways I hope Rare takes the time and don’t rush it out because it was presented too early.


I guess they really didn’t know what it was. :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:

Kidding aside, I hope the reboot goes well and the game ends up being great.

Mayles also made BK,BT etc, right? So he wasn’t even on this project? Didn’t know that.

Wonder if there are going to be changes to what was initially planned. Not that we had much info to begin with.

Not surprised. 2 showings and it was quite clear they had no idea what the game wanted to be.

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This is good news ! Better to reboot a project than continuing with it when you are not sure about it. And with Gregg Mayles now on it ? It is gonna be great !

According to people familiar with development, Everwild’s small team had struggled to define a clear direction for the title, beyond its striking art style and soundtrack.

As of last year, the game was a third-person adventure with god game elements, we’re told, though it’s unclear how much of this will remain when Everwild eventually reappears.

There seems to be some truth to it indeed.

Didnt need a PHD to figure that out. It was quite clear with all the dodging on how it played.

But as @AtticusFincher said this morning, xbox is in a state finally where this delay is a footnote lol.


@Mort trolled this into existence


Haha, maybe. :wink:

As long as this doesn’t impact Sea of Thieves.

Not sure I believe that it’s been completely rebooted & they’re starting again from scratch.

There’s surely a lot of good stuff already created that can carry over & be iterated on.

Either way, if it was the right call & we get a cool game in the end, then I’m glad they made this tough decision & are doing what’s best.


Oh Im sure they wont throw everything away but more like the whole project timeline and goals are new.

If originally the game was supposed to be not before 2023, and with the reboot it is gonna be 2024, it tells me they will reuse a lot of assets like the soundtrack or the art-style and build up a different gameplay loop.


How can you reboot vaporware? This game never had a story or a plot that anyone knew about so why mention a “reboot”?

At best, this game was a tech demo.

More rebooting the development and their idea of the game.

To be honest, the longer Everwild stays in limbo, the longer Sea of Thieves gets decent support. Lol. Yesterdays trailer must’ve been the second biggest content addition to the game since launch.

Wonder how many people at Rare are working on Everwild and Sea of Thieves rn.


At least we know not to bother wondering whether we will see it until 2023 at the earliest lol.


Nah, I don’t believe this to be true. The God game elements have been reported on for years. I’m sure there was (or is) a plot/story/etc.

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