Ever Wanted Pokemon On Xbox? We Now Have Something Better! (Nexomon: Extinction)

Awesome! Glad you like it :slight_smile:. I was worried ppl would pick it up and then get mad at me they wasted money and don’t like it, lol. I really really like it tho and thought it deserved some recognition.


I guess I need to check this out. So much stuff to buy, so much backlog :frowning:

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Going to try finishing 100% it by the end of next week. Those roaming legendaries are going to be a pain…

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That 2D art is the direction I wish Pokemon went, except with more budget I guess? I heard they patched out the rough difficulty curve so I’ll try it sometime

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Never heard of this game but I’m very intrigued. We need more awesome threads recommending games like this. Thanks OP.


You’re farther than me now! I haven’t gotten to play much since I made this thread lol. I just got to the Drake Isles and I’m really looking forward to seeing what I get to catch/tame there. :slight_smile:

I actually went to the Drake Isles before the story took me there! The story really takes a turn in here, so you’re in for a treat! :slight_smile:

I’m currently at the Frozen Tundra.

Where in the world do you get a pickaxe though lol, can’t find one

It is one of the first items you can get. You can buy it from a NPC near the cave where you get your first Nexomon.

You also get an Ultra Pickaxe from a chest in a vault later on.

Guess I missed it, I gotta go back then haha. Thanks!

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Can you link me to some players’ reviews please?

In-depth reviews to see if the game is great on the lengh and not just just a good intro 1/2 hours then after falls down.

Want to see how it compares to the best Pokemon games in its entirety if it is really solid, mechanics gameplay system, rpg logic etc


Funny, cuz I went to the Frozen Tundra before I was supposed to :joy:. They said to be Silver before going to the Drake Isles so I decided not to go when I saw it at the beginning lol. I’m looking forward to it tho! Also, I hope I have a vault key left for that ultra pickaxe. What more does it do for you and what cave did you get it in? Maybe spoiler tag it in case ppl don’t wanna know, but I’m not sure how to do that on here, lol.

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Crystal is my favorite till this day. I still haven’t bought a switch but a gen 2 re-remake will polish my nostalgia goggle enough to get it

The wild Nexomon levels actually scale based on the story. When I first went to the Drake Isle all the Nexomon were level 10 or so, while they are now level 20 for me. Now there are even some evolved Nexomon appearing on the wild, while before it was all base forms.

Funny enough, my first visit to the Drake Isle was a lot easier than my second visit. I am starting to get my ass kicked. I have three Nexomon level 30, and the rest are level 25. But since I have a Nexomon from each type, and the trainers are using 2-3 Nexomon of the same type, when my Nexomon that has the type advantage dies I’m pretty much in trouble.

I THINK I got the Ultra Pickaxe in the Drake Isle Vault, by the east exit of the village. It gives me double the shards when I hit them, so it is pretty useful!

I am loving finding those vaults, and I can’t wait to find out what all those key items in each of them do!

Even though Nexomon is a Pokémon clone, you can’t compare them. Pokémon is a multi million-dollar franchise with a high budget, while Nexomon is from an independent developer that used to make mobile games.

It is not the best game in the world. You are definitely not looking at a masterpiece. But it is fun and scratches that need for a monster-catching game outside a Nintendo platform. Even more now since Pokémon has moved away from 2D artstyle for over a decade now.

If you want something in the veins of Pokémon and is a bit more well made, you might take a look at Temtem, which is coming to Xbox next year. It is in Early Access in Steam and appeared on Sony’s last presentation.

Nonetheless, take a look at Nexomon’s page at Metacritic. It holds a 71 Metascore and a 8.5 User Rating:

Here is a review from Siliconera:


So finally got around to staying this last night and had fun. Little quirks i have to get use to but nothing to terrible. But like all these games I get stuck trying to get them all and proceeded to not go where I’m suppose to which is probably a mistake but I well. Getting all of these new Nexomon and sending to storage with no idea how to access it.

Side quest are a nice touch and I’ve completed a few of them but catching one that I’ve already sent to storage naked me think I should probably advance the story a little… but I will probably just catch a second so I can try to get them all lol

Of course I won’t hold it to the same standard due to bugdet etc but good to see the entry is pretty solid.

Thanks for the infos, saw some playthroughs. Graphics and art are really nice. Gameplay seems well thought enough might try.

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I always spend too much time trying to catch them all lol. As for where to switch them out at - it’s any of the Pokecenter/healing places or people that let you heal. Look for this holographic box icon

That would explain haven’t gotten to one yet lol. Instead of going right at the beginning when they went i decided to go left and down and visit the healer west of the starting point.

Haha yeah that would be it :p. You get to the main town pretty soon :slight_smile:

@brunopcosta1 did you finish Nexomon yet? I just got to Cadia, and I’m so excited to see what happens next. I got the key for the lab and saved right before going there. Also really looking forward to seeing what the treasure items do from the vaults, and finding Legendaries at some point. Haven’t looked online about anything cuz I don’t wanna spoil it just yet and I’m just going with the flow. But was just curious how far you’ve gotten. :slight_smile: