Eurogamer: "At least Xbox was honest about [cross-gen] gaming"

What happened to all Sony’s guff about believing in generations? It was a load of old rubbish, it seems. Whether you believe in Microsoft’s philosophy of launching its games across generations (I have concerns about the Xbox One holding games back, as I know some in the development community do), at least the company was honest about it.

About time the gaming media picked up on this. Xbox have been very transparent about the new generation of console gaming, about plans to support cross-gen and they were crucified for it and accused of holding back next-gen gaming compared to Sony.

Speaking of which:

The suggestion at the time was that Sony’s announced PS5 exclusives were just that - PS5 exclusives. Sony, we were led to believe, was taking a different approach to its rival, Microsoft, which had for months taken flak for its cross-gen strategy. Today, Ryan’s quote comes across as a misleading statement designed to score a cheap PR win in the war with Microsoft. If Halo Infinite is hobbled by Xbox One, shouldn’t we now express concern that Horizon: Forbidden West is hampered by PS4?

I have absolute faith in all of Sony’s wonderful developers who I’m sure will create fantastic PlayStation games I will be desperate to play on PS5. But I’m finding it increasingly difficult to trust a word that comes out of the executives’ mouths. Is Ratchet & Clank: Rift Apart a PS5 exclusive? Is Gran Turismo 7? Despite Sony’s insistence that it is a PS5 exclusive, will Demon’s Souls also come to “other platforms”?

Sony, we can handle the truth - even if it hurts.


I am actually amazed by this article, the media is changing their stance and calling Sony for its crap.


Fucking finally sorry for my language it really grinds my gears that the media kisses Sony’s ass


Lord Jim Ryan is now saying that those cross gen games are built from the ground up for the PS5…

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I thought you were joking… What a mess. This man…is full of shit. He’s full on gaslighting Sony fans, that’s really fucked up.

His attitude and stances about crossplay and backward compatibility were pretty telling, but he look more and more like a sociopath.


Legit. They need to keep things even across the board. Sony jacked up by lying to the gaming public. In a time when the truth is a valuable commodity these days, Microsoft keeping things even keel is very much appreciated. Sony deserves to be called out on this.


I think Sony finally crossed the line where some in the media will actually ask some semi-tough questions (in the nicest way possible).


I am happy that an article like this has called Sony out not as a mainly Xbox fan over PlayStation but it’s BS the abuse Phil and the team got with Halo. Some shade was due to Xbox admittedly but Sony have blagged everyone and Jim Ryan blatantly lied to win a PR battle and that’s nonsense for me.

I have preordered the PS5 today but I am praying next week the preorders for the S/X hit it out of the park because MS have been so pro consumer it’s not even close. 7 years of bad PR with the Xb1 has humbled MS but the same can’t be said about Sony IMO.


Sony’s lies aside, it baffles me how cross-gen is being seen as a terrible thing.

More people will be able to play those games, and the next-gen versions will run better and be prettier. And for those games that support cross-generation, the online community will be as populated as ever.


This cross gen “holding back” narrative is BS. Every single gen has cross gen games as we transition out one gen to the next one, every single one.


I believe him. Seriously. Current gen won’t hold back much next gen stuff. Current gen versions can just be gimped a bit and have load times, less object density, etc. I think that more fundamental lesson here is that MS was right and even Sony agrees. That doesn’t mean we should decide the opposite is true just to jab at Sony.

The issue isn’t about next gen being held back (current gen and XSS won’t hold it back imho). The issue Sony straight up lied about their fundamental, governing philosophy for the decisions they make about their platform. When they tell us a game is PS5-only, we can’t just take them at their word necessarily. Not for a while at least. When they say some mechanic or game element is a demonstration of PS5’s technical prowess, everyone now should be skeptical of that.

This was THE single tentpole element of why ppl wanted the PS5. It is behind in power, tech, BC, pricing options, the ecosystem and even starting in 2021/2022 their 1P ‘dominance’ will be severely eroded by XGS. PS5-only next gn 1P exclusives to showcase true next gen gaming was the single major thing it had going for it and that was built up as the only thing that mattered. So that not being legitimate is quite a dramatic shift.


Thought this day would never come. Finally! also I walked into a gamestop earlier today and before I could even say anything the lady at the counter was like “Nomore PS5s” lmao I was just coming to inquire not necessarily pre order. She shut me down so quick :slightly_frowning_face:

Good article and all facts.

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Bugsnax is cross gen after all.

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I’m shocked, well, not that shocked. I’m betting GOW2 will be as well, if it’s actually coming next year (which I have my doubts).

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Oh no! :worried:

Any similarity with fictitious events or characters was purely coincidental.

I think that 3-3.5 years for a full blown PS5 sequel are not enough (especially if you consider the corona situation that slowed down development this year and will probably continue to do so). My prediction is that Ragnarok will be something like Miles Morales, a cross-gen expansion that will close the Norse story arc of GoW 2018 and then the full blown PS5 sequel will move to a new place and a new god pantheon.

Speaking to Game Informer, God of War director Cory Barlog threw around a few possibilities of where he sees the games going next:

“The Greek games were the Greek era of God of War. Moving on, the next mythological belief system he interacts with became the Norse era of God of War. But we may end up going on to the Egyptian era and the Mayan era and so on and so forth.”

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So basically recycle the same game over and over super imposing shallow mythologies and KA-CHING another 10 million units sold. Repeat ad infinitum.