Elden Ring releases on January 21, 2022 for Xbox One and Xbox Series X|S and PC


Great date I think and at least some people can stop worrying that PlayStation had secured timed exclusivity or something lol.

It’s laughable that people on here were afraid that Sony bought exclusivity, when it was revealed ON AN XBOX SHOW. You guys are way too paranoid lmao.


See people, no timed exclusivity.

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Looks magic! Love me some Dark Souls. Hopefully it lives up to the Hype. What did you all think of it graphics wise?

I thought the graphics were meh. Mid last gen or maybe even pushing late 7th gen. Basically, they are about the same as DS3 or Sekiro. But don’t forget, From is still only quite recent into the AAA business. They haven’t actually been “big” for that long, so it’s forgivable. I’m not a graphics person anyway, it could look like a budget PS2 game and I wouldn’t mind.

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Game looks great. That new trailer was exciting.

As someone who loved Demon’s Souls, Dark Souls & Bloodborne but got tired with the franchise by Dark Souls 3 & never even tried Sekiro, I’m totally ready to jump into Elden Ring & lose myself for many hours. I hope it’s mysterious as all hell & makes everyone build communities to go searching for answers for months afterwards. Can’t wait, to be honest.

You can’t secure Timed eXclusivity on games already announced and have contractual obligations to other platforms. If Sony wanted to do a timed exclusivity on ER they would have had to do it in 2019 or around then.

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Very true. Would be nice if the new consoles got some extra bells and whistles though.

Cutting edge eye melting graphics have pretty much never been a thing in a From game, by the way. At least since Demon’s Souls. It’s always been about incredible art design with those guys. Which has worked very well so far.

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Looks great buy its the same From Software formula just with a different skin. Demos Souls, Dark Souls, Bloodborne, Sekiro, Elden Ring. Looks all same to me. Don’t know why it is acceptable in gamers and media circle to reskin the same formula over and over again.

Again graphics looks meh, since all we care about is graphics these days :wink: but at the end of the day the gameplay is the core of soulsborne games.

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Graphics I didn’t find too great, but I kinda expected this. I have no doubt it will be a fantastic game though. One thing I didn’t expect,maybe foolish of me is that it looks extremely like Dark Souls.

Someone had told me hey I got the trailer for Dark Souls 4 for ya and I would’ve believed it.

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To be fair that would be a Sony move to do haha

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yup that’s a souls ass game

the jumping horse looks silly

I hope this a legit RPG without the lame and annoying souls mechanics.

I DO NOT want stupid checkpoints and badly placed save systems, back tracking, constant respawing enemies, when I die I don’t want to have to fight the same damn enemies over and over again to get my stuff back.

Just a normal fantasy RPG with the typical From combat system would be nice.


I’m thinking the combat will be a lot like Sekiro.

Oh, how I wish those games had an Easy mode…


100% agreeing with this but at the same time I don’t dare say it won’t have it. Even Sekiro, brand new IP had plenty of those Souls elements.

It really wouldn’t hurt,I agree. Or that you can maybe disable or enable certain things.

If combat is like Sekiro in terms of fluidity I am all for it, I’m a bit done with the slower combat of Souls.

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I like to use Celeste as an example.

It is known as one of the hardest games out there, even though it has a full-assist mode that literally makes you invincible and gives you infinite dashes.

Cuphead, on the other hand, is also known to be hard, but less people tend to try it out because it is what it is.