EA Hints Titanfall 3 Incoming!

One of my fav underrated FPS this gen! :smiley: image https://gamerant.com/titanfall-3-tease/


Titanfall introduced an innovative and exciting multiplayer, while 2 brought an exciting and creative campaign. If somehow 3 was all that and more, taking the right lessons from Apex Legends, they could have something truly, truly special on their hands. Hopefully a new full-blown Titanfall isn’t too far off.


Hasn’t most of the team that did Titanfall and Titanfall 2 left?

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Oh shit oh shit oh shit

PLEASE make the multiplayer like 1, but with sliding. The multiplayer in 2 was no good in comparison.


Tht is true but ea knows respawn studio will put out quality content.

Personnaly I’d like the multiplayer to be somewhere between TF1 and TF2. People are all saying TF2 MP wasn’t good, and it was my first impression too. But at the end of the day I finally enjoyed it more than TF1 MP. A multiplayer that takes the best of two previous entries would be a total killer.

But who knows what’s gonna happen. The team has changed a lot, and the news linked in the OP don’t indicate a close release

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One of the best shooters getting a sequel? I’m in!

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I approve this.

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I mean I take that quote more as “Yeah, we’ll let them do another at some point” as opposed to “Titanfall 3 is in active development and nearing launch/announcement.”

Who knows. Always ready for more Titanfall.

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Titanfall 2 has the best shooter campaign this generation. (Yes better than DOOM 2016).


I’ve gone back to Titanfall 2 recently, the gameplay still feels so fresh. The multiplayer is populated by savages with crazy movement skills though!


Yay!!! I’m ready for this!

I’m optimistic. The first Titanfall is one of my top 5 games ever (MP) and while TF 2 had an awesome campaign I was let down by the MP. Fingers crossed for a good package for both

The first titanfall game is probably my favourite multiplayer game this gen. I just hope they make multiplayer more like 1 than 2 because the multiplayer for 2 just didn’t connect like 1 did imo. Hopefully EA releases it in the spring and not try to make it compete with COD again

I definitely invite this, loved titan fall 2 and it’s campaign. Never got to experience 1, but I loved the world and gunplay and the switch from man to machine it really felt fresh.

I feel respawn can knock it out…

Hoping for this🙏🏾

With 1400 hours in Apex i would love to go to the next best thing. Hoping they will include a single player!

YES LOVE THE SERIES 2 IS UNDERRATED hopefully the monetization isn’t overboard and hopefully the campaign is as great as the campaign in 2 was

Seems a bit vague to phrase it “incoming” but would love to see it. For me Titanfall 1 is the better one (maps, customizable titan loadouts, more readable environment and in a way a touch better artdesign, also miss rodeoing enemy titans) but both are excellent games. Respawn are massively talented with their FPS games. Only good can come from them.

Next Gen only Titanfall 3 would be amazing. Best of all, Respawn is the only development studio under EA that I have any confidence in. Titanfall 3 and Jedi Fallen Order 2 for next gen? Yes please.

I can’t wait for a new Titanfall campaign, that was great in 2!