EA Hints Titanfall 3 Incoming!

Yeah I loved the MP in the first game, the story in the second was amazing but the multi felt too different.

That would be huge, Titanfall 2 was really good.

Release it in March and make the multiplayer F2P. That’s literally all they need to do.

I would be up for a Titanfall 3, just hope EA learns its lesson not to release it in between two major contenders of the genre this time

A lot of casual team fortress fans will be surprised that the acronym TF3 could exist

Releasing it in a good window would be beneficial. I think TF1 came out randomly in March and TF2 in a congested October with loads of other shooters.

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This would fill my heart with such joy, but if they launch it against COD and Halo Infinite, I will laugh, I will also cry from sadness, but laugh from a lesson not learned.

That’s exactly what happened. They sandwiched TF 2 between Battlefield 1 and one of the CoD games. TF1 sold more than TF2, even though TF2 was on all 3 platforms with a much larger overall install base.

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It’s funny if you took the first games MP and added it to the second games SP campaign you’d almost have the perfect game.

Hope they get both right on #3

Wait, for real? I guess Respawn is dead for me then…

I really don’t get the reverence for the TF1 multiplayer. It’s feels just the same as TF2 with a more limited sandbox and a worse Titan system.

I would absolutely love to see a new Titanfall, hope this is in the work and we see it soon!