E3 Returns in 2023 to LA Convention Center with ReedPop

I for one am very excited that E3 is coming back with ReedPop as a partner organizer


MS, and therefore Bethesda/Activision/Blizzard will definitely be there. And so will Nintendo.


Christmas is back on the menu!

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The best part is, if Xbox does the similar strategy, it will be interesting to see what they have in that 12 months gap. Here, it’s more or less expected but neat nonetheless. Next year, we will be seeing many new faces and ones that haven’t shown gameplay yet.

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I used to love E3 when all the big gaming companies was there. Sony always had a good show. E3 is still good but it not the same anymore, for me anyways there not as much excitement as there used to be. But I do not know if E3 will ever recover since it cheaper for companies to do their own online,

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I think Xbox held back on showing games further out this time because they knew E3 was coming back next year. Might as well hold off for a bigger audience while having the games further along too.

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Since they’re sticking to their 12-month guns for Gamescom, I’m suspecting that’s gonna be their strategy long-term.

Within a few years, they will be caught up to most of their currently announced games. Thereby creating a situation where every time there’s an event it’ll be very exciting to see new announcements, because we’ll know whatever they announce we’ll be able to play it very soon. Kinda like Bethesda with Fallout 4, but with every single Xbox 1st party game.

I for one think this is great, and I think it’ll make all future events that much more exciting.


Yeah further down the line it will be very exciting.

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Weird to be only excited for games far deep into the future. Why be bored with games that is coming within a year. What’s odder is that we got first gameplay from many games within this year like Forza and Starfield. It’s not like we saw them before and we got more of it in the past showcase. It was their debut.

I’m not saying future games aren’t exciting, but the 12 months is good as well. Not to mention, exclusives were shown within the year. I’m not saying you must like it, but don’t act like it’s a bad strategy and they should feel bad. The ratio in polls and in their video says it’s an acceptable approach, more so than 2020, which has more 7/10 ratio than close to 8.5/10 for this year.

All in all, it’s all good. Interestingly enough, doing the same strategy next year will be more exciting because it will be filled with games we don’t know, depending on the 2023 games like Stalker 2 will happen before June.

Sure, I do believe they’ve said more than once that they regret showing games too early so the 12-month thing may be how they want to operate from now on, but that doesn’t mean they have to strictly adhere to that. If there was a place you’d relax that “rule” I believe it would be at an E3 level event.

One interesting side note for me is how Geoff Keighley acts going forward with what he felt was an E3 replacement of some type in “Summer Game Fest”. I for one found his shows to be horrible by comparison to what E3 used to be honestly, and his continued sniping at E3 including tweets immediately about next year’s Game Fest right after the latest E3 revival news just screams “look at me”. This is a great read that captures the intent of what they want to do with E3, which even mentions including Geoff’s thing - How do you solve a problem like E3? | Opinion | GamesIndustry.biz. In my opinion Geoff is not truly about trying to promote the game industry if he doesn’t try to play nice and be supportive of this much stronger attempt to refresh E3 for the greater good of the industry, but rather digs in and promotes his thing solely.


That was a good read, I hope they succeed. I will never understand people who doesn’t want a great E3, it’s the best part of the year for a gamer.

I have no hopes for gEofF.


I don’t get the whole “Everyone can do a stream on their own” term. I mean, yes, it’s cheaper, but that’s like saying that to all kinds. Why bother doing Comic Con, Anime Expo, etc. Just stay home and watch the world premieres. I know it’s a different field, but really, E3 can be similar to those. In fact, perhaps the partnership is the reason for the “remake” for E3. Besides, what’s wrong with hanging out with people physically? Are we entering Wall-E world? Joke aside (partially), this kind of atmosphere is still unmatched.

I sensed a bit of a downer when Phil Spencer said he wanted to go back to E3 physically again. I think it was with NY Times or one of those newspaper outlet. I can resonate with that. It still upsets me when they hailed Sony as King for skipping 2019. Sure, there wasn’t much, but the pedestal they placed them on is aggravating. You can say the same for Nintendo, but even in video form they put specifically for E3. They still honor it at least.

Bottom line, E3 is missed despite some hatred articles and I believe it will receive the welcome back it needs.


There will still be some streams that occur as part of E3 week, including Geoff’s most likely I would guess, but I completely agree that it makes zero sense for the industry not to support something that brings such excitement and attention to video gaming. Companies can and will still do some things separately whenever they choose of course, but I suspect that this will be the right type of attempt here with Microsoft’s full backing that those who decide to not play ball on this (Geoff?, Sony?) will end up regretting it.

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I understand that the games media is salty about their info being leaked via the ESA, so they are all playing their hand in trying to kill E3, but I hope they also realize that things just aren’t the same without E3. I hope it comes back in grand form.


If people can forgive Sony with the hacking on PSN insanity, they can forgive this going forward. Perhaps not now, but down the road.

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The problem with Keighley is that for him to be “the spokesperson of gaming”, he has to be objective. But he can’t considering he’s always carrying Sony’s water.

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Either that or they’ll be kicking and screaming along the way towards progress.

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If Microsoft chooses to be part of E3 which they probably will, they can’t repeat this year simply because the expectations will be far higher and to return to E3 with only a 12 month plan and no major reveals, no major third party reveals and is nothing more than an Indie/AA Game Pass Showcase with a few exclusives thrown in isn’t going to get the job done.

With that said, I believe that Microsoft goes back to normal next year. Only reason they decided to go the 12 month route this year was because of the delays to Starfield and Redfall. If they were never delayed, the showcase this year would have been a normal showcase. They went the 12 month route because all their eggs are in one basket (as usual) with Game Pass and they need to retain as many subscribers as possible so they had to show what’s coming in the next 12 months because majority of subscribers aren’t going to care about what’s coming years from now. They want to know what they’re getting sooner rather than later.

Outside of Microsoft, it’s going to come down to if publishers have to pay to attend. If they do, im not expecting many to participate. I don’t see Sony participating at all because they simply don’t need to nor do I see Nintendo participating because they simply don’t need to either.

Don’t really see how the presence of E3 changes anything with expectations. It’s still their summer showcase and a presentation that takes place in the E3 window, it’s the same thing lol.

And I know you don’t want them to do the 12 month thing again, but they will and they’ll have much more to show because I’d expect most of their announced games to be out by end of 2024, as well as plenty of unannounced games.