E3 officially back, with Xbox backing it

E3 appears to be finally back in a digital-only format, with several notable publishers backing it. They include Xbox, Nintendo, Capcom, Konami, Ubisoft, Take-Two, Warner Bros., and Koch Media. It will take place between June 12 to June 15.

Seems to be some absentees, such as Sony, EA, and Square Enix. But I assume they’ll have their own separate events around the same time, like we’ve seen in the past. SEGA and Bandai Namco, meanwhile, will probably announce things through Xbox and Nintendo. But there’s still time to sign up, so who knows.

This Xbox event is going to break the forum. :skull:

Here is the official website:


This sounds amazing to me. Honestly I think it sucks if Sony continues not to support this long time industry event, which is so much fun for the fans. There are enough big hitters there already to be great, and this seems to put a big dent in Geoff Keighley’s attempted mutiny against E3 with his own “Summer Games Mess” :slight_smile:


It’ll be nice to have all the gaming news closer together rather than be split apart over weeks and months.


Is it safe to assume this is where Xbox’s summer event will be? Also they didn’t mention Bethesda but I’d say they will be there to?


What, is this like the 3rd E3 Sony has skipped? Either way, this sounds like a solid event.

This is most definitely Xbox’s big summer event. Now that Bethesda is part of Xbox I assume they will be integrated into Xbox’s show, I’m interested to see how that will work.


Ah yes, we’re going home.

Even Nintendo is in, good stuff, hope for Bandai Banco and Square to get in too.



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They’ll have two days for presentations or two presentations in one day.

My prediction is the show is on June 13th. Xbox ALWAYS does Sonday.


I’m pretty sure they said Bethesda would still have its own showcase. But I’d have to imagine they would just do it here.

I don’t think not being listed means that there won’t be announcements from them, at least that’s what I’m hoping for. I really want to see SEGA and Bandai Namco announcements here. Like maybe they didn’t officially partner with E3 but they’re working with Nintendo or Xbox or something to get some announcements in their shows. Square will probably do its own thing with the “Square Enix Presents” thing.

We’ll see what they do with Bethesda. But I’m almost sure they will be present. Perhaps they’re just listed under Xbox seeing that they are officially under Xbox now.


E3 2019.

I believe they’ll stick to this. We’ll have an awesome day Sunday.


I hope so!

Shorten the window between Xbox and Bethesda, but I agree.


As long as it will not end in another Summer Games Mess i’m ok with it.

Awesome that we will have both E3 and Summer Game Fest in the month of June. Much more compact and packed than in 2020, without the dreadfully slow release of news across 3-4 months, that dragged during the whole summer.

Also, Bethesda is not mentioned on the side, will their show be completely included in Xbox’s Showcase?


E3 coming to save us, yay can’t wait!

Last years game events I really didn’t enjoy.


if Bandai is not having a conference…maybe…OOOOOOOOOOOOOOOHHHH

Bethesda is Xbox now, Xbox should announce their presentation date, not Bethesda themselves.

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Yes, but for some reason I had read (not sure if here, or on Twitter or wherever) that their show was being prepared for a long time so it’d happen on the side this year still. Guess that might not be the case.

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