Dying Light 2: Stay Human OT - Releases February 4th, 2022

Due to the majority of the talk being about Horizon II: Forbidden West and Far Cry 6, it seems like Dying Light 2 is getting lost in the shuffle so I decided to create a topic showing the latest gameplay trailer which looks great and has a lot of info in it. Also posted the entire “Stay Human, Dying 2 Know” episode one presentation.

Don’t know how others feel about the game but im very hyped for Dying Light 2 as I enjoyed the sequel and have been looking forward to this game since it’s debut reveal at E3 2018. Every aspect looks vastly improved over the first game and looks to be one hell of a game. Can’t wait!!!

09/30/21 - Added Episodes 2, 3 and 4. In episode four, it was announced that Rosario Dawson will be playing the character Lawan.

01/13/22 - Added Episodes 5 and 6.

Gameplay Trailer -

Full Episode One Presentation -

Episode Two -

Episode Three -

Episode Four -

Episode Five -

Episode Six -


This really surprised me in a good way. Gameplay here looks incredibly robust. :slight_smile:


Looks really good!

Don’t know why they had to add “Stay human” to the title, though, it’s a bit cringey.

The stay human part is part of the game. They explain it near the end of the trailer.

Ah, alright, I watched a recap in another channel and that wasn’t mentioned. Will give a watch to the original video :slight_smile:

They don’t go into a lot of detail about it but you’ll understand why they say “stay human”.


This game NEEDS to be in GamePass. It would be such a major hit for Xbox. Totally gonna get new subscribers and the existing us will definitely renew :partying_face:

I’ve seen a pattern over the last few months. Xbox keeps adding games with co-op day and date (Outriders and D&D: Dark Alliance for example). Just saying :sweat_smile:

Let’s not forget some others following the same trend, such as The Ascend and Warhammer 40K: Darktide.


My brother and I are so freakin hype for this game! Spent a lot of time in the first one, this is in my top 5 games this year for sure. I don’t usually buy games because of Gamepass but I think I’ll have to get this.

I wonder how much of a difference the 3 visual modes will have and which one will be best to use when playing. That 4K mode doesn’t have raytracing, raytracing mode is at lower res and same goes for 60fps I think. Sucks they couldn’t get a ray traced 1440p 60fps mode or something close to that with dynamic red.

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Looks really good. I’ve been waiting awhile for this one. I loved how immersive the first one was and did my best to avoid running around at night just because of how tense it was.

I’m hoping for the same here.

Going by what the devs have said you will have to go by night now because the infected are mostly found outside at night and inside interiors during the day and for sure some side quests will have you needing to go by night. The monster video they had earlier this year shows some real freaks, damn!

But same here man, I avoided the night like the plague in the first one, I did not appreciate the rush of those Volatiles hunting me.

Updated the opening post with Dying 2 Know Episodes 2, 3 and 4. Rosario Dawson has been added to the cast as Lawan.


Added Episodes 5 and 6 to the opening post. YouTubers can start uploading previews on February 2nd so I will post some stuff that day and whatever else Techland releases.

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WOW!!! Techland will support Dying Light 2 with post launch content for 5 years!! That’s insane but considering the first game still gets new content, not surprising.


It feels like they may have changed the direction of the game. Also the mention of the homie Crane. :frowning: I am hoping this turns out good!


On first viewing that would normally be a ridiculous thing to commit to. But as you say, the first game had that sort of support, so I can believe it as long as the game is as well received as the first game.

Yeah the first game is turning 7 this year and is still getting support, pretty nuts.


Obviously, im super thrilled!!! The base game is three weeks away and im already excited to see what they have planned for the years post launch. Oh man!!! Can’t wait!!

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Just saw that Dying Light (original) Platinum Edition is only $15 on the store, gonna hop on that and give it a try.

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Several YouTubers are currently playing a review code build of Dying Light 2 and have been permitted to showcase a side quest. Will post each one that I can find. As far as I know, it’s several different YouTubers. Obviously these videos CONTAIN SPOILERS for the respective side quest as well as the skill trees and world map so watch at your own discretion. Will post the YouTuber and their respective video underneath. Each side quest runs for about 45-60 minutes. Any additional time like in OniZombies video is answering questions in the live chat as it was live streamed.

Hollow -

OniZombies -

TheRadBrad -

CohhCarnage -