DragonQuest XII: The Flame of Fate announced

No idea what platforms. Doubtful for xbox. Ps5 ps4 and switch maybe pc likely. We can hope.

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Doubtful for Xbox?



Dragon Quest for adults!

Yuji also said that they are experiencing with the battle system, and that there are “three prototypes” already.

I’m always afraid when companies don’t announce platforms because it feels like they are waiting to be moneyhatted.

Like, what the hell is going on with King of Fighters? It’s been almost six months since they announced the game, they already revealed almost the entirety of the game’s roster, and we have no platforms confirmed yet lol


Dark adult version of Dragon Quest???

Add in a fully voiced protagonist and cast along with real time action combat and im in!!! Give me the M rating!!!


Xbox and Switch exclusive Game Pass day 1 /s

Cmon dude. It’s Square enix. We all know Sony love to money hat square.

If it was why wouldn’t they just say so? obviously it’s probably not fully locked down. My guess is someone is trying to moneyhat it and they wanted to show the announcement trailer to gauge hype to maybe increase the cost to moneyhat.

Reposting from the community hangout:

Nope DQ is actually safe from that. DQ is not solely owned by Square. It’s a 3 way ownership between Square, Armor Project, and Sugiyama’s (the composer) company.

The latter 2 WILL ensure this comes out on the Switch. DQ always launches on whatever is the most popular console in Japan. Just look at DQ9, DS game instead of PS3, DQ10, an MMO launching on the Wii(!!!) instead of PS3, and DQ11, while doing the PS4 version for home console, also did a 3DS version for Japan only (which I think outsold the PS4 version, at least initially)

DQ is safe from Sony buyouts.

I should also add that it’s extremely common for Japanese companies to not say the platforms on a new game announcement. It never actually means anything and I don’t get why they do it.

Oh, and another thing, DQ isn’t popular in the West, which is Sony’s focus now. It’s not the type of game they’d even moneyhat in the first place.

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Now, I won’t be surprised if the game isn’t on Xbox day 1. But let me tell you, that won’t be because of a moneyhat deal. The game, under no circumstances, whatsoever, will ever be exclusive to PS5. Anyone who thinks so has no knowledge at all of the series’ history, nor the demographic that Sony’s moved on to (hint: not Japan)

By the time this comes out who knows where nintendo will be

I don’t think this game is so far away that the Switch won’t be a thing anymore when it releases, because why would Ed be teasing an Xbox release if it’s THAT early? And PS5 is currently kind of a disaster in Japan (and will continue to be under current PlayStation leadership because again modern PlayStation/Sony doesn’t care about the region), while the next Nintendo device will definitely be a handheld again, to ensure that they continue to dominate Japan, so yeah, DQ12 will be on Nintendo, and thus, not be Sony moneyhatted (not that that is even a possibility, with 2 other entities also having rights over the IP who will never accept that deal).

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I think he’s implying that he knows it’s coming to Xbox.

Wonder what the big change for combat means.

Unreal Engine 5. It’s still possible for Switch as UE5 does indeed support the Switch, however I think this might be only on New Switch (not exclusively, just for the Nintendo release). Unlike MS and Sony, Nintendo allows for games to only release on the “upgraded” version of their consoles. New 3DS had a couple games that weren’t on 3DS.

Makes me doubt the game is a Switch timed exclusive now though, and that is my only major fear of the game not coming to Xbox.

IMO timed-exclusivity is not an issue here. I believe that they might want to promote the franchise to the west audience (that’s why they are changing the tone and the battle system). It’s very likely actually that this game will launch into GamePass.

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I’m a little miffed they didn’t announce any platforms but very happy to see the game being announced. Maybe it’s far off? Also SO happy to see this get a worldwide release, shows that Square Enix are taking DQ more seriously.

It’s nice that it’s darker. But when Horii says it’s Dragon Quest for adults I am hoping that it won’t be catering to western tastes. What I like about Dragon Quest is that it’s unashamedly Japanese and I hope that never changes, the series is huge in Japan!

Right now I’m playing DQXI and I just finished Sniflheim a couple of days ago, I’m having a wonderful time. It’s a very cosy JRPG and I love that. But unfortunately the music is pretty half arsed in particular the overworld theme, it is too loud, repetitive and doesn’t even fit! I already changed it to the DQVIII theme long ago so that helps a lot. I also don’t like how the night time theme of towns is in MIDI. Hoping Sugiyama makes a better effort this time with the music.

What does this even mean lol

Never played a Dragon Quest game but this has caught my interest. A simultaneous worldwide launch is always nice to see. I might actually play it if it comes to Xbox.

I need to see more of this darker Dragon Quest made “for adults”. What does that even mean? Sounds like a threat.

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This makes me feel a lot better, thank you!

It’s hard to get excited over something we won’t see for 2+ years, which is why I’m actually more excited about the HD-2D remake of III they announced. I really hope this kickstarts a trend of similar remakes in general because there’s a bunch of older JRPGs that deserve the (I think it’s called) glow up. Would be a great opportunity to bring together all the unique benefits that different versions have too (certain extra features being in worse ports, for example)

I think it would help this series grow a lot if people had access to gorgeous versions of these great games with modern conveniences on modern consoles/PC. For my part, the DS remakes of 4-6 are what really hooked me into the series. I think this could be a similar thing with a wider appeal.

Imagine a fantastic game like Final Fantasy V that looks like this:

Instead of this

image image

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