DragonQuest XII: The Flame of Fate announced

They need to remake FF6 with that style

(And launch that on xbox)


Although I enjoyed DQ 11 a lot, 12 seems as if it will be more to my liking in every way. If we get it on time then great, if not then I look forward to playing it in about five years.

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I mean it probably will eventually. I just want some of these big hitters on xbox day 1.

The switch pro is supposedly coming out

I think the days of Switch having multiplats with Series X and PS5 are gonna be long gone. This will probably be switch pro only game alongide other versions.

The base Switch now is not gonna get some of these big AAA hitters. FF16 while it will most likely come to Xbox a year later…is no way coming to the switch. Maybe the Switch pro if its possible. Who knows. But the Switch console that exits today…yeah its not gonna be getting a ton of these AAA rpg games.

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Will we know more at e3?


Its about time too

Now all we need is Atlus to get their stick out of their ass and do the same for Persona

Sega recently came out and said Persona is their GTA…well if it is. Release the game on multiple platforms globally. None of this PlayStation only japan for 6 months like some niche early 2000 JRPG.

There is zero chance that this game is on GP until much later. My guess is that it will be a short exclusive for PS5, like final fantasy. Hopefully not too long though

Fingers crossed it happens. They are beginning to do this with Yakuza/Judgment so that’s a good sign.

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Again, impossible for it to be PS5 exclusive, unless Armor Project, Sugiyama, and Toriyama all consent, which they won’t, because PlayStation is pretty dead in Japan. It’s not Square’s decision alone to take a Sony moneyhat deal. The other entities will want this to release on the Switch.

I was thinking it might be Switch exclusive at first but with the game using UE5 I’m gonna guess it’s full multiplat and Switch will get a scaled down version or be exclusive to Switch pro.

UE5 means it cannot be switch exclusive. Hopefully it isn’t exclusive to any group, but Sony pretty much always gets first crack at these games. They had DQ11 for a year before it saw other consoles

I think this will be Squares final fantasy 13 moment with Dragon Quest where they have both a worldwide release as well as a multiplatform release. You don’t grow a franchise by keeping it exclusive.

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It wasn’t, actually. In Japan, DQ11 was also on 3DS, as a scaled down version, same day as PS4, which outsold the PS4 version in Japan, at least for a while. DQ isn’t ignoring Switch for Sony pennies (pennies compared to what they would get selling the game on Switch in Japan, anyway)

DQ11 was also announced for Switch (called the NX at the time) I think actually at the same moment as the PS4 version’s announcement. DQ11 IIRC was literally the first game ever announced for the “NX”. So there wasn’t a Sony deal or anything. Again, the other entites besides Square that also have ownership over the IP are not gonna let Square make this PS exclusive. They will at least want it on Switch in some capacity, even if it needs to be scaled down (They probably don’t care about it being on Xbox, but my point is, it is literally impossible for Sony to moneyhat this).

Why do you say because of UE5? UE5 engine scales capabilities from RTX 3090 down to Android and iOS Phones, with Switch and consoles in-between there.

Dragon Quest already has dark themes and mature content lol. So don’t even know what “for adults” means.

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The Dragon Quest III remake looks like my cup of tea. Don’t care about platform since I already have them all - will probably get it on Switch for portability. Would love to see any of Square’s older games in the HD-2D style, like Chrono Trigger

No, they only moneyhat Final Fantasy and that’s because the FF audience in Japan is fully on the PlayStation platform. Dragon Quest though? Mainly on Nintendo. If they moneyhated it, they would have to pay more than for FF.

Look, around 30% of FF VII Remake’s sales were in Japan. Around 60% of DQ11’s sales were in Japan, if they made 12 PS5 exclusive the game would be a huge flop in Japan.

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A Switch exclusive would be awful. IF the ambition and scope of the game is what I think it would be, I don’t even think a switch version exists. Switch Pro only maybe. I’m hoping this is next gen and switch pro only. Get the most of out of the hardware if you’re gonna make a next gen DQ. Switch’s hardware is too weak for open world games these days and have to be rendered in 600p with shoddy frame rate. DQXIS was fine but i’m playing it on Series X and it just makes the switch version look like a 3DS game.

Uh uncensored puff puff?